Veronique and Chris

How We Met

Well to begin, I knew Chris’s brother, Tony, from school. But, I never knew that Tony had brothers. Tony moved back to New Jersey. While I was at a friends house in florida, I saw a guy that looked just like Tony! So I texted Tony and told him, and he told me to take a picture of him saying that it was his brother. I felt weird taking a picture of someone I didn’t know and never met, but I ended up taking a picture of him sending it to Tony (who is in NJ). Then, Tony sent the picture to Chris. So now, Chris has received a picture of himself from his brother in another state, and he found out that I took it! I unintentionally looked so creepy lol, but we ended up talking a lot that night. A few nights later, I was at a party and saw Chris, and we started talking again. He took my phone, and texted himself from my phone to get my number. And now here we are 5 years later! All from a creepy picture I took haha.

How They Asked

The proposal needed a lot of planning because Chris and a lot of his friends were all coming from New Jersey. My best friend was getting married at the time, and she was looking for a location to do her engagement pictures in. She told me were going to go to a park to see if it would be nice for her pictures. So we’re walking around and I saw a pretty spot in the park so I took a picture of it to show her. As I took the picture and put my phone down, Chris was standing there. He was in the park the whole time hiding behind a tree. Ashley of course was using her “engagement pictures” as a distraction for me. He flew down all the way from New Jersey with his family and friends, everyone was hiding on the side to surprise me. It was absolutely beautiful!


Special Thanks

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