Veronika and Nick

How We Met

Our story started back when were freshmen at small Ukrainian city, called Nikolaev. Both of us studied at the Engineering faculty. Firstly, we were just friends, but after a couple of months, we fall in love as never before. After graduation, we even worked at the same “Antonov” factory.

After several years of our relationships, we decided to move together to the United States and start a new life there. That crucial step was not easy, but we supported each other and loved each other so we finally did it!

How They Asked

I started planning my sweet proposal one month before. I found PRC Cloud Nine on Instagram, checked their website and contacted them momentarily. They came up with a whole concept, decor and did it perfectly by the way. Their amazing CEO Julia suggested popping the question during the proposal picnic which includes photo shooting. This was the best idea for me because I was dying to make a WOW surprise for Veronika specifically on the beach. By the way, I did the official proposal with a ring before our move to the US so this one was supposed to be the second proposal but the nicest for sure.

Proposal Ideas Miami

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Miami

This awesome day started with photo shooting during the sunrise with Slava from Precious Pics Production (very trustworthy wedding production by the way). Veronika had no idea, that everything would turn out as saying “yes” to the question, that she had already asked…but damn, it was so romantic, why not?! After a small walk, we finally reached a gorgeous picnic on the beach. Then, we sit down, I grabbed the guitar, opened the champagne and asked her one more time ”Will you be my wife forever and ever, baby?” Veronika couldn’t stop crying and said a simple, but such a powerful “Yes”. This sunrise proposal picnic was great and unforgettable experience for us!

Special Thanks

Slava Diadiura
 | Photographer
Slava Diadiura
 | Videographer
Prc Cloud Nine
 | Planning