Veronika and Alexander

1593 It was our best friend’s wedding day – sun, sea, beautiful groom and bride, and a very romantic mood. Later in the evening, at the end of the party, the DJ said that Sasha is going to say something. Sasha went on stage and called me up too. I was sure that he wanted me to congratulate our friends from the stage. But he didn’t.

He said the same words, got down on one knee with a fairytale ring in his hand..It was unforgettable..I can’t describe my feelings, and there were so many tears of happiness..

I can’t ever imagine that my proposal will be so beautiful, that all of my friends will be around me in such important moment. But he foresaw every important thing. Wedding photographer made photos of proposal, everybody was happy for us, and congratulating us.

The only thing that I regret about is that I can’t turn that moment back again!




Marriage Proposal Ideas in In Turkey, Antalya