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How We Met

I spent the summer in California at an engineering internship after my sophomore year of college, without knowing a single person out there (I’m from Oklahoma). I went to church and met a lady who said her son was an engineer as well, but I didn’t even think anything of it. A few weeks later I met her son, and we hit it off immediately. I have always been shy when meeting new people, but our first real conversation lasted until 1 in the morning, us not even realizing how late it was. Soon, Wyatt and I spent an entire day together, and I knew something was special about him. After only a couple of weeks knowing each other, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. I had to move back home for school six weeks later, and we decided to give long distance a try since neither of us had ever felt so connected to another person. We spent holidays and all of our breaks together and we found it was well worth the effort to be together.

how they asked

For a few weeks, Wyatt would tell me to wear a nice dress when we went out on dates. He even a few times joked about a ring being in the food we were eating at restaurants. I was spending my second summer working in California, and was getting ready to move back to Oklahoma for school. He told me he had decided to wait until we got to Oklahoma to propose so my parents could be a part of it. I still would be suspicious every time we went out, because I knew he had a ring. The Tuesday before moving back, we decided to go get taco Tuesday at our favorite taco shop. We got all ready and headed to the restaurant. On the way, Wyatt gave me a little fill in the blank book called ‘What I Love About Us’.

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He had filled it out with sweet things like ‘I love the way we laugh together’. After reading it, Wyatt stopped at a park to spend some time before dinner since it was still early. As we walked around the pond, Wyatt told me all the things he loved about me, and how thankful he was that we met. I figured this had to be the moment, but he said “okay lets go get tacos now!” I couldn’t believe he had pulled another joke on me! Right as we started walking to the car he stopped me, got down on one knee, and asked me to spend my life with him. I couldn’t believe it was happening! I cried and laughed and of course said yes. A month later, Wyatt surprised me with a video of the entire thing, after making me think no one had been there to capture the moment. Oh and we celebrated by eating lots of tacos!

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