Veronica and Ryan

How We Met

Veronica and I met and became friends in college. She was in a sorority and I was in a fraternity and so our paths crossed often. I had a crush on her for many months and even asked multiple of her friends to set us up. At that time, she was not interested in a relationship, but I didn’t give up because I knew that she was special. I continued to spend time with her as much as I could hoping that the timing would eventually be right. After a friend date on Valentine’s day and then a weekend trip to the zoo in Dallas, she then fell for me too.

how they asked

20 months after our first date, we get to the proposal. I had her best friend invite her to a networking event for a beauty product her and her mom were going to start selling. This was the fake story we used to get her to the location of the proposal, which was the Aloft Hotel in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City with the most beautiful view of the city’s skyline at sunset. I rented the rooftop of the hotel for the perfect proposal destination with an engagement party to follow with our family and friends. I invited her family, my family, our dog Bear in his cute little bowtie, as well as our close friends to be lined up in the hallway leading to the rooftop holding picture frames of our relationship in chronological order from the first picture we took, to the last picture we took and milestones of our relationship in-between (these pictures are included in the “how we met sections”).

As she turned the corner, she had a big smile on her face and about 5 seconds later after she was greeted by her father and step-father to walk her down the hallway to her fiancé to be, she lost it and was overtaken by emotions realizing what was happening. This came as a huge surprise for many reasons, her mom and step-dad were supposed to be at a banquet that night, I was out of town for business and my brother and sister-in-law were dropped off at the airport the night before to return to California.

Therefore, there is no way I would have proposed that night. Well I was secretly not out of town like she thought, her mom and step-dad didn’t attend the banquet and my brother and sister-in-law were picked up at the airport after Veronica and I dropped them off the night before so that they could secretly be a part of the big special day. Her dad and step-dad walked her to the rooftop of the hotel where I was awaiting my lovely bride-to-be. We cried and laughed and had the most beautiful moment together where I could look her in the eyes and ask her to marry me in front of both of our families and friends in such a romantic setting on a gorgeous October evening.

She fell to her knees in tears of joy to mumble the simple word yes while shaking her head in excitement. After she said yes, my dad gathered the crowd together to circle Veronica and I to pray over us and the next chapter of our life together. Then the celebration continued as we enjoyed food, drinks and fellowship on the rooftop downtown taking pictures with the city and sunset as the backdrop.

Image 1 of Veronica and Ryan

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These photos below were included in our proposal story in order from our first picture together to our last one we took before the proposal night…

Image 5 of Veronica and RyanImage 6 of Veronica and RyanImage 7 of Veronica and RyanImage 8 of Veronica and RyanImage 9 of Veronica and RyanImage 10 of Veronica and RyanImage 11 of Veronica and RyanImage 12 of Veronica and RyanImage 13 of Veronica and Ryan

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