Veronica and Paul

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How We Met

Paul and I met at university through a mutual friend. My brother was supposed to be my ride home one day but forgot and left without me. As I waited for another ride home I bumped into a friend from high school who offered that I come hang out with some of her friends (one of them being Paul).As annoyed as I was with my brother for forgetting me at school, I soon realized that I had him to thank because that was the day I met my future husband. Paul and I have now been dating for 7 years. He has been my best friend and together we have grown into adults, experiencing some of life’s biggest milestones with lots of laughs along the way.

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how they asked

About a month before the proposal one of Paul’s best friends messaged me asking for help to plan a surprise birthday dinner for his girlfriend. I suggested one of my favorite restaurants in the Distillery District because every year it is decorated for the Toronto Christmas Market and it is absolutely beautiful! Paul’s friend “liked” my idea and “made reservations” at that restaurant for us to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. A few days before the proposal I had a dream that Paul asked me to marry him in my classroom.

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When I told him about my dream he laughed it off but was secretly freaking out as he had been planning the proposal for months and it was only days away. On December 23rd Paul and I headed down to the Distillery District to celebrate the “birthday”. Little did I know there was no birthday dinner, instead Paul would be getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. Paul proposed to me in an art gallery that was filled with pictures and items from the past 7 years of our relationship. I was overwhelmed with emotions as he brought me on a tour of our very own gallery.

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The effort and detail that Paul put into the proposal was beyond heartwarming. A few of my favourite things he included in the proposal were the balloons with “I love you because” notes that he had saved, photos of all our favourite memories and a copy of the menu from our first date (which Paul had to go on a mission to get because the restaurant had changed their menu). It was the most magical night ever!

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Special Thanks

Gaby Hanna
 | Photographer