Veronica and Luis

How We Met: Luis and I met through his sister, who was a coworker & close friend of mine. Initially, I was not attracted to him due to his scruffy appearance (he was in a growing-my-hair-out phase, which did not do anything for him, as he will be the first to admit). Turns out, we went to the same small gym & once he cut that hair, I noticed just how handsome he was. Due to our introverted personalities, neither of us acknowledged each other when we were both at the gym & it finally took a few months of courage-building (& a wee bit of impatience) for me to suggest that his sister invite him to come bowling with us one night. Thankfully, he ended up coming with us & at the end of the night he asked for my number. Since my car was parked elsewhere, I had the perfect idea to ask him to drive me there so that we could spend a bit more time together. The rest is history!

Image 1 of Veronica and Luis

how they asked: After being together for 5 years, we decided to take some professional pictures and enlisted the services of my friend, Ashley. I knew that a proposal was in the near future, but due to recent events (and some purposeful conversations to throw me off), I was not expecting it to come so quickly. For the picture venue, we decided on a local park that had significant meaning to us as it was where we had one of our first dates. After taking a variety of pictures & having some fun with the shoot, Ashley suggested that we do a few cheesy shots, including one of a proposal. She pulled out this gorgeous wooden box that she said she brought as a prop and gave it to Luis. At this point, I was still convinced that we were just doing this for fun & had no idea as to what was about to happen..

We found this perfect little grassy spot to make the best picture & I jokingly told him to be genuine. As he got down on his knee, he asked me to marry him & opened up the box, revealing one of the most beautiful rings I had ever seen. It took me a few moments to say YES! since I was too busy asking him if he was serious. I was in complete & total shock & don’t even remember him actually putting the ring on my finger. I am so blessed to have such an amazing man to experience life with.

Image 2 of Veronica and Luis


Photography by Ashley Kekuva, Owner of IaMLatreuo