Veronica and Joshua

How We Met

Josh and I are college sweethearts! We met at the University of Central Florida in 2010 through mutual friends in his fraternity, and my sorority. It wasn’t love at first sight if that’s what you’re thinking, it took me 6 months to finally agree to go on a date with him. We started out as friends, however, any of our mutual friends could tell that there was something more, even if neither of us wanted to admit it. What were once innocent Skype video chats and phone calls talking throughout all hours of the night had grown into a deeper connection – that he saw long before I could. And as they say, timing is everything, as we grew closer and closer, I was preparing for a summer internship in New York City. Well one night, before I left for New York, Josh marched down to our house (his fraternity and my sorority houses were 3 doors down from one another) and he gave me an ultimatum. He said, “this time tomorrow you will have an answer for me.” I couldn’t control my own thoughts let alone my own feelings, I remember thinking, “what did he mean?? “this time tomorrow you will have an answer for me”…the audacity!!” The next day, we took a trip to Daytona Beach with friends. And here’s that funny thing about timing again, that’s when I felt THE shift, the shift between friends and that something special, there was just something about him, about us. That night I told him, “I’m ready to write the next chapter with you.” And we’ve been together ever since, that was 5 years ago! Image 1 of Veronica and Joshua

how they asked

Well, for the last few years I had been immersed at my work planning a major event, the JCC Maccabi Games® & ArtsFest®. They are an Olympic-style sporting competition for Jewish teens. They come from all over the WORLD to compete and participate. Endless late nights, and blood, sweat and tears went in to making this event successful. This actually took up so much of my time and attention that it gave Josh the perfect opportunity to be ever-so-sneaky in planning the best proposal. Usually, I can be very intuitive when Josh is up to something, however, I was so stressed with work, I didn’t have the time or energy to really keep up with Josh’s whereabouts. A week before the opening ceremony for our JCC Maccabi Games & ArtsFest our PR Director approached me to tell me they wanted me to make a speech at the opening ceremony about how visitors could connect with us on social media. And that’s really ALL I thought was going to happen… Little did I know, Josh would be standing behind me as I made my speech and come out to propose to me in front of over 10,000+ people including all of our family and friends. Even those who couldn’t be there physically, were able to watch the livestream online. I could type on and on about how that day was the best day of my life so far, but the video does it so much more justice!

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