Veronica and John

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How We Met

Funnily enough, we met at Marquee the nightclub. John tapped me on the shoulder whilst I was dancing and asked me not to move from my spot. Curious, I waited, urged by my sister who was with me on the night. He made a trip to the bathroom (which I only found out recently HAHAHA) and came right back. We talked our way into the night and somehow failed to exchange contact details. By chance, we bumped into each other again at Sunday Night Mass and finally had phone numbers to go off. The rest is history.

How They Asked

As we were walking up the path, John was so quiet, I felt like something was wrong so I kept bringing up absurd topics trying to fill the silence. When we reached the top, I saw the proposal site and told him how cute it was. He stopped walking, turned around to face me, and started tearing up.

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I told him off, “Johnny, don’t you dare walk over there!”, and then he started to walk us over there, both in tears. When we reached the amazing sight My Proposal Co. had organized, John’s brother walked over, handed him the ring and John got on one knee. “Veronica, we’re going to be together forever, you don’t have a choice, but will you marry me?”. I said YES!

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It was a fit of giggles and tears following this. He always has a way of turning every situation into one filled with charisma, humor, and charm. He got up, kissed me, and fist-pumped the air, all whilst we both forgot about the ring supposed to be placed on my finger. When he finally realized, he turned and asked me if I wanted to see the ring, and it was back to tears and embraces.

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Special Thanks

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