Veronica and Jo

Proposal Ideas In Front of the Bellagio Fountian in Las Vegas

How We Met

Jo and I met Summer of 2005, We were both 17 years old working at our part-time after school job at a fast food restaurant. It was NOT an instant connection, Jo did not make a very good first impression. Some days after, his horrible introduction, I was assigned to train him in the kitchen, dreading it, I begged someone to switch with me. No one wanted to. I ended up training him and we spent the whole shift together, I got to know him a little bit and came to realize he wasn’t so bad after all. We continued to get to know each other and hang out for about 3 months before he asked me to be his girlfriend. Beginning Sept 18,2005, we were basically inseparable. 12 years later, we’ve been through it all : good, bad, living together, getting a dog that we treat as our child, to moving back home with our parents, to now entering a new chapter of our relationship that I always hoped we’d get to. I feel so blessed to have met my best friend, my partner in life at such a young age.

how they asked

Christmas 2016, Jo surprised me with a ticket to see The Backstreet Boys ( my favorite Boy band of my teenage years ) on the opening weekend of their residency in Vegas, I was ecstatic! Opening weekend just so happened to land on my 29th birthday. Extra surprise, my one of my best friends, Claudia and her boyfriend were joining us!

March 4th 2018 came rather quickly, we had been in Vegas for a couple of days by then, doing touristy things, like enjoying the strip.

Concert time quickly approached, As we were on the way to the concert, Claudia insists we stop at the Bellagio Fountain, she suggested a spot to enjoy the show then about 30 seconds into the music, Claudia suggests taking a picture of us, I agreed. Before I knew it, there was Jo, on bended knee, asking me to be his wife. Even now, I barely remember anything he said, anything I said in between my muffled crying tears of joy. I said Yes, not believing what just happened, in front of so many people and then catching on that Claudia, her boyfriend, my family and friends back home were all in on it. It happened so unexpectedly, it was PERFECT.