Veronica and Jo

How We Met

My fiance and I are both actors. We met at auditions for a play. In the scene we were paired to do together, my character was very upset and started hitting his character. So the first thing he ever said to me was “You can really hit me.” And I responded, “Oh, I’m gonna.”

We both were cast, though he had a different part than the one we auditioned together for. Through the process, he and I became pretty tight, though we were both dating other people at the time. So we became really good friends.

Then I broke up with my boyfriend of five years.

We ended up being cast in another play together a couple months after that. Again, we didn’t really have any scenes together, but we were growing even closer friends – his girlfriend had broken up with him.and moved across the country.

Over the course of several months, almost a year after we first met, we grew to realize we both had feelings for each other. One night he was sitting in my living room, fidgeting with the tassels on a throw blanket. He was on one couch, and I was on the other, when he said, “I have something I wanna tell you, but I’m nervous.” “Well, you can tell me anything, but I don’t want to pressure you.” After a few minutes, he said, “Over the past few months, I’ve developed feelings for you.” After a beat, I responded, “Do you want to not be on separate couches right now?”

He nodded, so I moved next to him and said, “I’m torn because I’m not ready to be in a relationship right now. But I also really want to kiss you.” So he kissed me.

how they asked

Last year, I considered surprising my boyfriend with tickets to the Descanso Gardens enchanted Forest of lights display over the holidays. However, we didn’t end up going at the time A year later, in mid-December 2017, he suggested we buy tickets. I agreed, so we bought them then and there. About a week later, my best friend in California, Meredith, texted me that she and a couple friends were going to Descanso Gardens for New Year’s Eve and invited us. “What a coincidence! Jo and I have tickets for 8 pm!” So she bought tickets, too. Then Jo and I went to Virginia to spend Christmas with my mom and my brother’s family.

At this point, I need to give you some exposition Jo and I are big nerds. I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and Jo cosplay and makes props and does production design for films. So he has a 3D printer, and for Christmas, he gave me a printed necklace shaped like a Golden Snitch. So he kept asking me to wear it every day, and so when we got back to California and headed to the Gardens, I wore it. He also kept messing with it while I was wearing g it, saying “oh, I need to touch up the paint here” or “Next time I’m going to make a such and such change to the design.”

We went to pick up Meredith, and she told us “Tori and Tom can’t make it. food poisoning.” So it was just the four of us. So about halfway through the park, Meredith led us to a kind of secluded spit that is her favorite part of the Gardens (neither of us had been there before). We were looking out over a lake, and Jo started talking about the day we met and how much mean to him. As he was talking, he was messing with the necklace again. Suddenly, I realized the snitch was no longer in the chain “What the hell?” I asked.

When we first met, I told you to hit me (we met at an audition where my character was hitting his character, FYI) and you knocked me out and you’ve been knocking me out ever since. Will you knock me out again? Will you be my wife?” And he opened the snitch at a hinge I hadn’t noticed, and my engagement ring was inside. I’d been wearing it for a week without knowing it!

I cried for about ten seconds and then I started jumping up and down for happiness.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Descanso Gardens

As you’ve probably guessed, Meredith was in on the whole thing. Tori and Tom were never going to come (though Tom really did get food poisoning, poor guy). Jo wanted her there so she could take photos.

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