Veronica and Jhonny

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Oia - Santorini

How We Met

We’ve met in a professional meeting. I (Veronica) was working as a PR and wanted to shoot a commercial and met with him to discuss the project. That meeting was the beginning of our love story. After that meeting, he asked to meet again, and it’s funny that we stayed exactly 12h together: He sent me a picture that he arrived at my office at 3:28 pm, and I send him a picture with his glassed he had left at my place at 3:28 am. Our relationship had a very fast turn because we were very busy and didn’t have time to go on dates, we’ve decided to move in together after 3 dates, this was the best decision ever! Our wedding was on the 28 of July, and my maid of honor Eva organized everything so we can have our first look at 3:28 pm. We were both crying our eyes off!

Proposal Ideas Oia - Santorini

How They Asked

For my birthday which is on August 20th, we’ve traveled to Santorini (Greece) and he made up this story that we have to shoot a presentation video for one of the hotels there – Charisma Suites, little did I knew that this was all a lie. He told me that they want me to be in the video also, so of course, I said yes. We filmed for about 20 minutes, and he told me he will place the drone in the air and the camera on the table so he would be in the video also. I am hard to surprise, but this time I had no idea. At sunset, close to all the resorts guests, he proposed!

I was always imagined how he would ask, because we shoot weddings and music videos, I know that he is very creative, but I didn’t expect he would shoot his own proposal in 20 min and manage to edit it while I was getting ready to go out and post it online. It was truly the best surprise ever and I want to thank Maria and Arturo from Charisma Suites for being so nice and make this happen.

I was born at sunset, and he made me his fiancé also at sunset, this was truly magical! One year later we got married and now we are happily 3 months newly married, working together and traveling the world to tell other great love stories through our lenses.

I didn’t know about your amazing page, but I am happy to share our unique proposal and thank you for gathering all these incredible stories.

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