Veronica and Jesse

Wedding Proposal Ideas in CrossFit Redline in Naples, FL

How We Met

It was one early morning (530 am to be exact) and I notice this new guy walk into the CrossFit gym that I go to. His blue eyes instantly caught my attention. During that workout I caught him glancing over at me a couple times but also didn’t think too much of it. It wasn’t until about a couple weeks of us taking the same class that I noticed he was wearing a shirt that I actually have! … I went right up to him and said “guess what..I have that same TMNT shirt!” With a huge smile on his face he responded with “only the cool kids have this shirt.” We became friends and motivators towards each other in class. It was around my birthday when he FINALLY reached out to me outside of CrossFit and the rest is history. We have been together for 3 and a half years and counting.

how they asked

Every year for Christmas, our CrossFit gym puts on a 12 days of Christmas workout. Jesse and I arrive early like we do for any event at the gym. Members kept trickling in as the time for the workout got closer. I was told that I needed to sit in the front because our gym owner was taking new pictures for the website and wanted pictures of the coaches. I went along with it because well I won’t ever miss an opportunity with some camera action! Coach Ali was going over the workout and chose me to sing the song for them which again, isn’t weird at all considering I love a good karaoke session! So I started to sing and she stops me right before I sing “1 deadlift” … she says that she doesn’t like that one and says why don’t we say… and that’s when the whole gym chimes in and sings “one diamond ring!” I knew that in that moment, I was about to have all my dreams come true. That the love of my life was proposing but I didn’t know where he was! Everyone told me to turn around and there he was, on one knee holding the most beautiful ring ever, trying to hold back his tears. I just hugged him! As tight as I could… he out the ring on me and just couldn’t believe this was really happening… I did say yes by the way! All in that moment, we had our good friend surprise us from North Carolina which was very special. After hugs with him, Jesse (my fiancé ?) pointed to the right of me and there was my family. My father doesn’t live in the same town as me so seeing him there brought instant tears to my eyes (again!) … I couldn’t picture a more perfect proposal and a proposal that was just so US! Oh, and we did do a workout right after ??

Proposal Ideas CrossFit Redline in Naples, FL

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