Veronica and Jake

How We Met

Me and Jake met at work (we’re both in the military) and I couldn’t hold a conversation with him without giggling like crazy. For months after, we were convinced that the other didn’t like us that way… Then one night at a friends barbecue we got talking again and it all clicked together and we told each other how we had been feeling that whole time! All the small convos and goofy little jokes, side glances, and run-ins finally made sense.

how they asked

I had been on an unexpected work trip for about a month and a half so we planned a family trip to Dinsey for a few days. His family is huge Disney fans and I had never been. Unfortunately, my family couldn’t make it for the trip, so it was just his mom and sister who came out. On the third night of the festivities, we met up with his mom and sister after a night parade had gone through Disney California Adventure and there happened to be a photographer there to take pictures of our little group and Jake took pictures in this place earlier so I was clueless to what was going on and thought nothing of a photographer being there.

The significance of this place was one of the backdrops had my mother’s name in the street signs. So, because she couldn’t make it, Jake suggested getting a picture under it for my mom to send it to her. So, of course, we did our classic poses and then there he was on one knee! Both of us stunned for words and excitement, I for one could only make out a “Duh!” through my tears…