Veronica and Evan

How We Met:

Evan and I first met at a wedding in Ottawa Ontario. I was living just outside Toronto and he was living on the west coast in Victoria. He flew across the country from Victoria to Ottawa to be the best man, as the groom was a good friend of his from university. My parents and I we were long time family friends with the grooms family and made the trip from Toronto to Ottawa.

The day we met at the wedding was rather uneventful (wedding aside). We only briefly spoke twice throughout the day for perhaps a total of 5 minutes. The first conversation was even quite forgettable as Evan walked up to me just before the ceremony and said “Here, hand these bubbles out to everyone” as he shoved a box of bubbles into my hands without even a “please” or “thank you” (how rude).

I remember that I thought he was cute, well spoken and charming from his best man’s speech, but perhaps a bit of a jerk. However, I didn’t really think about him much more after that as I assumed we would never meet again.

About a month after the wedding Gilles, who was the father of the groom, was over for dinner at my parents house on his way through town for business. During the course of their conversation, the topic of the recent wedding came up and at one point it turned to Evan, the best man. Gilles had mentioned to my parents that at the wedding Evan had been asking about me. Gilles inquired if I was in a relationship at the time and my parents indicated that I wasn’t.

Gilles messaged me on Facebook to play a little matchmaking. He asked if I would be interested in being put in contact with Evan, I thought “what the heck, what’s the worst that could happen?”. He said if I was interested he would proceed to introduce us online. I decided to throw caution to the wind and agreed.

Evan and I first started messaging over Facebook in mid September. We would send long, well thought out notes back and forth as pen-pals for the first few weeks as we got to know each other. As the conversation evolved and we became more comfortable, it transitioned from long novels, to constant texting, to phone calls, then Skype calls. We seemed to fit together like 2 peas in a pod. His sense of humor complemented mine and we agreed on almost everything. We would talk for hours a day, sunrise to sunset. Around December, after a few months of constant contact, we decided to see if this blossoming affection could actually materialize into something.

He decided to fly out to Toronto for a week just before Christmas to see if we got along as well in person, as we did over the phone/internet. It was amusing as I had just finished my second bachelor degree and had moved back in with my parents temporarily to save some money. So the first week Evan came to visit me in Toronto he stayed with us at my parents house and was constantly under examination in their microscope, to see how he behaved and treated me. It didn’t bother Evan for 1 second and he rose to the occasion, being a wonderful guest for the week, while winning over both my heart and my parents.

After that, the rest is history. We dated long distance for about a year, him flying out to Toronto and me flying to Victoria once every other month. After about a year we decided the distance was too much and made a plan for me to move to the west coast. In June of 2015 Evan flew 1 way to Toronto, we packed up my little car with all my belongings and we drove across the country to Victoria where we moved in together. We’ve been happy and in love ever since.

how they asked

One of the long standing games we play in our relationship is “Punch-buggy”. The concept is simple; whomever sees more Volkswagen beetles over the entire month wins and gets to plan our date night the following month. I almost always win every single month, but one month Evan was extra keen to win and made sure that he had a large margin of victory as he really wanted to plan our date night.

He planned our date night for a Saturday evening and said he was going to take me out for a special evening, but wasn’t giving any hints. All week leading up to our date, he wouldn’t tell me what he was planning, only that it was a surprise, which was starting to make me uneasy, as I am not a big fan of surprises. The night of the date, as we were driving in the car, I kept guessing where we were going or what we were doing, but he remained steadfast. After about 20 minutes of driving, he pulled up to a very fancy oceanfront restaurant called the Beach House and had reserved us the best window table overlooking the bay and water.

We had a beautiful candle lit dinner overlooking the water while watching the sun dip lower in the sky on the late summer evening. We sipped champagne and ordered our favourite meals. Across the bay, we had a good view of Mt.Doug which is a significant place for us. It was the first mountain Evan and I ever climbed together when I first visited him in Victoria. We reminisced about the time we climbed up it; bushwhacking and scaling a rock face for almost an hour before we arrived at the top, dirty, battered and bruised. Only once we reached the top, did Evan tell me that there was a paved road and we could have actually driven to the top, but he wanted to challenge me, so he created our own path for us to traverse. Suffice it to say, I never let him live that one down.

He mentioned that after dinner we should DRIVE (there was no way I was hiking up a mountain after a fancy dinner) to the top of Mt. Doug and take in the sunset. I protested as there was a perfectly beautiful beach right outside the restaurant that we could stroll down, but he persisted. I eventually agreed to think about it, and we continued our dinner.

It was roughly around this point, that I started to notice Evan was acting a bit weird. He normally finishes his dinner in the blink of an eye and helps me eat mine. However, this time he was just pushing his food around his plate and not eating much. He also visited the washroom 2 or 3 times during our meal which was quite unusual, I was beginning to get worried that he was ill with food poisoning or something of that nature.

When we finished our dinner and paid the bill, he hurried off to the washroom again, which was a big red flag for me. I was so worried about him and I wanted to get him home right away and get him some pepto or something of that ilk. However, he insisted that he was fine and that we should drive up to the top of Mt Doug and take in the sunset. I was feeling quite apprehensive, but I obliged and off we went.

When we neared the park he drove passed the entrance to the park and started detouring down random suburban neighborhoods and pointing out odd sites along the way.

“Wow, look at that tree, isn’t that a cool tree?” or “I had a friend who house sat that house once”…..These were not tantalizing sites to see. I was starting to worry he had lost his mind at this point and was seriously concerned for his health, yet he still pushed on.

After what seemed like 20 minutes of aimless driving, we circled back to the entrance to Mt. Doug park and drove up to the top of the mountain. When he parked the car, he quickly hopped out and ran around to the trunk of his car collecting a picnic blanket out of the back. We strolled along one of the trails at the top until we came to a nice clearing with a rock ledge overlooking the city. It was a beautiful view and the sun was starting to set.

He laid out the picnic blanket on the rock and we sat down to take in the view. I could have sat there in silence for an eternity, it was so calm and serene. The view was so beautiful and I was with the love of my life. However, Evan kept rambling on about nonsense. He would point to the sites we could see across the city, sometimes pointing to the same thing twice, yammering almost as if to ensure there was no time for the silence to settle in.

I was getting furthered worried for his health as he wasn’t really making much sense, just talking and talking while it seemed as if his mind was elsewhere. After a few minutes he told me to get up and look over the edge of the rock. This was it I thought. This is the last site I will let Evan point out to me before I demand we go home; clearly he was ill.

I stood up and looked over the edge of the rock behind me, not to my surprise, there was nothing of note to behold and I was ready for us to head home. As I turned back around there was Evan, on one knee with a ring in his hand staring up at me with the most loving look. I didn’t even give him a chance to say anything, or maybe he couldn’t get the words out, but I screamed “YES” and jumped into his arms. After we had embraced for a few minutes he said he never actually got to ask the question, so he got back down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. It was the perfect evening and we smile every time we think about it.

On our drive home, while alternating between staring at my new fiancé and my gorgeous engagement ring, it dawned on me that we forgot to take any photographs to capture the moment. It was at this point that Evan informed me that he had Nina, our amazing photographer, hide herself in the bushes to capture the whole thing on camera. He explained that his constant trips to the bathroom and lengthy detour were to try and stall as we were ahead of schedule and that his rambling was to try to drown out any possible sound of her camera shutter, but I don’t think I ever would have heard it. I am so incredibly happy to have these photos to relive the moment I got to say “yes” to spending the rest of my life with my best friend.

Special Thanks

Lilly Ann Photography