Veronica and Eric

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How We Met

We both met almost 2 years ago, through Instagram believe it or not. We both knew all the same people and went to all the same schools, but had never met each other. He was quite the persistent one, I made him wait for quite a few months of talking through messenger before I gave him my number. After exchanging numbers we would text every day, which soon grew to Facetiming everyday, after work, on my lunch, or during his break at school, we never ran out of things to talk about. I’ll never forget the first time we met in person, we met at his house to go to the movies together, nervous isn’t even the word to describe it, the two of us talked non-stop everyday, but that night we were kind of quiet, it was hard to hold a conversation, we couldn’t stop looking at each other and smiling, of course at the end of the night we kissed and I went home.

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At the time I was going through leaving a long relationship and a career that I was no longer happy with, my friends and family were the greatest support through all the ugliness, but when I was with Eric I was never sad, I never cried, it was as if all the problems I had going on just disappeared, it was like I had two different lives. I would go over to his house every night to eat dinner and watch a movie (talk about movie buff I have never been so knowledgeable on movies until I met him, he could watch a movie once and recite every line with the spot on voice of each character).

I liked Eric so much I knew I was falling in love, so I made a point to NEVER sleep over as hard as it was. He was still such a new person to me and so unbelievably handsome, I had a fear of sleeping over and then him not being interested anymore because I gave it all up. Because I was just getting out of a relationship I felt like I needed to wait before I jumped into another one.

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Eric would ask me every week if we could be together officially, the more I told him “I needed more time” the less it made sense to me, and the more it broke his heart. I had a man who was obsessed with me, came to my work about 3 to 4 times a week to bring me lunch and say hi just for an hour. He revolved his world around me and I was pushing him farther away. One day at work he texted me saying “I need to talk to you” in my head I was so scared, that never sounds good. “Is it good or bad?” I asked, “It’s good, its something I have been wanting to tell you for a long time” I knew he was going to say I love you! “stop!! don’t do this over text I’ll come over after work” it was like a movie all my co workers knew and were so excited with me. So that night, November 27, 2015 on the way to the movies Eric told me that he loves me and has for long time, and at that moment I told him I loved him too and that I was ready to be his girlfriend.

Since then our life has been nothing but obsession over each other, every day that goes by I love him more and more. Since meeting him I’ve learned what being spontaneous is like, leaving on a Friday night to go back pack and camp in the Eastern Sierras to be back by Monday morning for work, with a camera full of cheesy couple pictures, that I will cherish forever. Or driving to San Francisco or San Diego for a couple days adventuring around with no plan, and instead of racing back home to avoid traffic we take the long way home on highway 1.

Discovering the breathe taking views of Big Sur and Carmel, meeting farmers that let us feed their baby cows, discovering swings in hidden coves, having our car broken into by a bear, the stories are endless. Since meeting him I’ve learned that I ‘d rather be out in the middle of nowhere with just us a tripod and our camera with not a single soul in sight, than in any fancy restaurant for dinner or bar getting drunk. I couldn’t imagine a day without Eric, let alone the rest of my life.

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how they asked

So here’s how it happened! We arrived in Denver Saturday night, we came to visit Eric’s sister Nicole who had just recently moved to Colorado. In my mind this trip was nothing more than just another adventure with the Janson family. Sunday morning we woke up and started on the road to Silverthorne, CO where we met up w/ Nicole and her boyfriend Alex. We had a snowmobile tour reserved for the four of us at 12pm but we had to be there by 11:30 to suit up. (It’s always our luck on trips that nothing works out the way we plan) That being said, 12pm came and we we’re still 30 min away we had no signal to call so I was stressing out. We pulled up and the people came outside to greet us “are you guys the Janson family?”

I was ready for them to tell us we missed it as we watched the 12pm group leaving. “Come on suit up we have everything ready for you, it works out better that your late, you’ll go in your own group because I know you guys requested an adventure tour (fast) and that group (who was leaving) wanted a scenic tour” my mouth dropped, it couldn’t have worked out any more perfectly. We road out through the backwoods of Silverthorne, it was so surreal, giant tree tunnels just coated w/ pillows of snow! Every switch back turn we took revealed a greater view of the Rockies! When we got to the top they had this little cabin built, our guide stopped us & told us he was going to make some hot chocolate & that we should take pictures because it was the “best spot”. (He was in on the whole thing) We took picture as a group and then individually.

I did some front shots and then I turned my back to get pictures of me facing the mountains, as I turned back around Eric was right behind me on one knee with a little black box.

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My mouth dropped, my heart sank into my stomach, my ears started ringing I thought I was gonna blackout, he was so nervous and I was so speechless ! I couldn’t even tell him that the little black box was upside down!!

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I dropped to my knees with him and we both cried. I look up at Nicole who’s already ready with the camera and wiping tears away from her face! (I am so blessed to call her my future sister-in-law).

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When I went to call family & friends they had been in on it for MONTHS, helping him plan, and were all waiting by their phone ready for my call!

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Truly the best day of my life.

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