Veronica and David

How We Met

David and I met in Austin Texas at a tech firm around 6 years ago. I grew up in San Antonia (1.5 hours south of Austin) and he originally moved from Detroit Michigan. We first locked eyes when my former manager walked me around to meet everyone. We were fast friends (for about a year) until he asked me to join him on a Fourth of July trip at a lakefront resort in Horseshoe Bay. We quickly made things official and never looked back. We’ve enjoyed traveling all over the world and now.. planning our wonderful Hill Country Wedding in Dripping Springs Texas.

Veronica and David's Engagement in Rye Beach, New Hampshire

Where to Propose in Rye Beach, New Hampshire

Proposal Ideas Rye Beach, New Hampshire

Side note – David tried to play it cool one evening when he planned to leave the office at the same time as me so he could ask for my number. I ended up walking out a little earlier so he didn’t catch me at the time.. little did he know I would walk back in as soon as he came down to leave (because I mistake where my car was parked that day). It was fate!! He ran into me and asked me for my number and again, the rest is history.

How They Asked

We got engaged after our Labor Day weekend getaway! David had asked if I wanted to join him in Portsmouth New Hampshire over Labor Day weekend and of course, I said hell yes! The New England region happens to be my very favorite. I try to visit a different area in New England each and every single year. This time didn’t disappoint ;-) He was having to go to Portsmouth for a (work) team building session and knowing that I love love love Portsmouth, he asked if I wanted to make a weekend of it (prior’s to his meetings). What made the trip even sweeter was that our fur baby Archie was able to join us. We left on a Friday afternoon and had a lovely little road trip once we arrived in Boston. We made our way from Salem –> Newburyport –> Kennebunkport –> Plum Beach –> Portsmouth. We ate, drank, shopped and went sighting seeing in each city. The weather was absolutely perfect. The temp was starting to cool down and the leaves were just beginning to change to their fall colors. We stayed in the cutest little B&B in downtown Portsmouth during the end of the trip (allowing us to take it easy and enjoy beach trips at the end of his work days).

My ring was supposed to come in the mail on Friday before we left Austin – little did he know that the ring was lost in transit and did not make it in time. He spends the entire weekend trying to redirect the package to Portsmouth so he could propose over the coming week. With the being said, he asked if I wanted to stay a couple extra days (since the hotel had availability) and lucky for him I said yes. Long story short, he had the package redirected to his bosses home and was able to get it dropped off at one of his meetings during the day. On our very last night, he asked if I wanted to visit the beach one last time so we made our way to Rye Beach (which was a short 10 min drive from our B&B) right before sunset. He knew I would want to take a ‘family photo’ once we got to the beach so he anticipated asking the stranger to take a video while doing so.

Knowing he would turn it into a proposal instead. Little did he know that I found a lucky candidate the moment we stepped onto the beach. It was go-time for him. We walked up to a nice couple with two pups and asked them to take a photo of us. While I was focused on trying to get Archie to pose for the camera, David asked the gentlemen to record a video instead as he was about to propose. He must have freaked this man out terribly (not knowing what he was getting into by saying yes). Before you know it, I had stood back up from trying to pose Archie correctly and when I turned to hug David, he was on one knee. I went into shock and began laughing. Of course, I said yes once the dizziness was over. After I had said yes, we noticed a ton of clapping coming from a distance. We didn’t realize that there was a huge beach party taking place on someone’s patio overlooking the ocean. There were about 40 strangers clapping and congratulating us after it was over. We then went for a walk (newly engaged) on the clean grey sand. As the sun was setting and the fog was clearing. It was a site to see (please reference ring photo below – the sun is bright pink and orange).