Veronica and Dave

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How We Met

I met Dave in the spring of my junior year at Emmanuel College in the heart of Boston. My close friend and college roommate was friends with him from their hometown in Connecticut. I wish there was some kind of crazy romantic way we met, but quite frankly, I was invited to a party, Dave was there, and to say he was the life of the party was an understatement- I was quickly intrigued. We stayed friends for a few months, and I was pretty unsure about things because he was almost “too nice” (Ladies, we know this is possible, right?) I couldn’t believe what a gentlemen he was- those kind of guys don’t exist anymore, and most certainly not at the age of 20. I eventually agreed to a first date (July 3rd, 2012), where he drove from Brooklyn to Hoboken, NJ just to hang out on the pier and have some ice cream from Applegate with me. A few days later, on my 21st birthday, a dozen Baked By Melissa cupcakes showed up at the door… after only one date, this guy had sent me a …birthday package? It was too good to be true, or so I thought. We then began dating on August 10th, 2012.

how they asked

Taking a break from work the day after Christmas, we headed out to meet Dave’s friend Zack for a bite to eat in Hoboken. Upon arrival, Dave got a very long text from Zack saying he randomly got called into work and could no longer meet us- this wasn’t unusual since Zack works at an airport. We decided to stay and eat lunch anyway (little did I know) and after paying the check, I told Dave that it was time to head home since we had to go to target later to pick up some last minute things for our New Year’s trip. He insisted we take a walk on the pier since we hadn’t been there in a while, but I put up a small argument since I hadn’t worn a heavy coat and it was chilly by the water. He pushed me to keep walking down the pier and as I continued to chat his ear off about all the things we had to do before our trip, I noticed he pretty much stopped responding. I stated at about mid-way down the pier, “How about we just turn back now, it’s freezing” and he said “No, let’s just get to the end, cmon” We got to the end, and as I leaned on the rail overlooking the skyline that I have looked at a million times growing up, he pulled me away from it, leaned in for a kiss, and told me he wanted to kiss me forever. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee, telling me he wanted to marry me. I was in complete disbelief, 1. because I always told him I disliked Christmas proposals so I never thought it would happen anytime near then, and 2. we were about to head to Barcelona for New Year’s eve, and I kind of thought it would happen then, if anything soon. I let him hang out on his knee for a little while he anxiously awaited for my Yes while I confirmed that he in fact asked my Dad. After establishing who knew and who didn’t, he then revealed another surprise- my best friend of 20 years came running down the pier- tears in her eyes, but mostly because she was supposed to be taking photos the whole time, and went to the wrong pier, only to miss the whole thing. Luckily, someone captured the in the moment photo! It was still amazing to have her right there immediately after it happening. It was flawlessly planned,( haha) in a place that Dave knew was so special to me, and to our relationship, and I was completely blown away and surprised. Two days later, we jetted off to Barcelona, Monte Carlo, and Nice, France to enjoy the engagement in pure wanderlust and bliss.

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Special Thanks

Emily Reedstrom
 | Photographer