Veronica and Daniel

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How We Met

In my first year of university, I had a dorm-room friend who had a massive crush on Daniel. When I first met her, she has gone on two previous dates with him and seemed to be head over heels for the guy. After two dates however, Daniel started to show less interest in her until they eventually cut ties. At this point, she was absolutely devastated and like most girls with a broken heart, started bad mouthing Daniel. Her roommate (who eventually became my best friend) and I spent many nights comforting her, and having never met Daniel myself, I obviously agreed with what she had to say about him. For the remainder of the year, I always thought of Daniel as the “bad guy”, all based on the stories and view points of this dorm-room friend! Fast forward a year, the dorm-room friend and I had a falling out but her roommate and I remained the best of friends. Now this is where it gets interesting – ever since Daniel went on the two dates with our ex-dorm-room-friend, he would see pictures of me on Facebook and according to him, always thought I was cute. In fact, he attempted to ask me out on multiple occasions but since I had a bad image of him built up in my head, I never gave him the time of day. However, Daniel was very persistent and was working up a master plan (which I only found out about after we’ve been dating for a year!!). In my second year of university, my best friend developed a crush on a guy who just so happened to be, “Bad-Guy”-Daniel’s best friend and roommate. Daniel was determined to use my best friend and his best friend as leverage to get to me. In February 2013, Daniel begged his best friend to set up a double date with my best friend, in hopes that she would bring me as the other date. When my best friend asked me to go on the double date (just what Daniel wanted), I was hesitant but agreed for the sake of her and her new crush. So, the four of us went mini-golfing followed by dinner and to my surprise, I was intrigued by Daniel. He was shy, quirky, and a total gentlemen (and to mention: tall, dark and handsome!!). That following week, we spent every single day together and I swear I fell in love with him then and there. He was the opposite of the guy I made him to be in my head, and I’m forever grateful I went on that double date. When I ask him today why he was so persistent with me for so many months, he says, “I knew I had to have you from the moment I laid my eyes on you”.

how they asked

At this point, Daniel and I have been dating for two years and ever since we met in university, I have always tried to get him as excited about travelling as I was. I’ve always been the spontaneous one, so when Daniel encouraged we go on a last minute trip to Cayo Coco, I was shocked. However, I thought nothing of it because I assumed he was just trying to feed my travel bug, and so we quickly booked the trip. A few days later, we flew out to Cayo Coco, and were welcomed by the most beautiful ocean we have both ever seen. On our second last day, the weather was on the chilly-side so Daniel suggested we go explore the gorgeous surroundings. We came across a wedding gazebo on the waterfront, with a long pathway stretching out into the crystal blue water. As we were taking in the beautiful scenery, Daniel started to tell me how perfect this trip has been. When I turned around to look at him, I saw Daniel getting down on one knee and I realized what was happening. My heart started to race, and everything became a blur as he proposed – “But you know what would make this trip even better?” he said, “If you left as my fiancée”. It felt like time was standing still, and I could barely get the words out. I finally said “of course!” as he slipped on the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on my left ring-finger. It was truly perfect, and a magical end to our little (spontaneous) getaway!

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