Veronica and Carl

How We Met

We met about 7 years ago working in a restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ together. One night Carl needed a ride home and had originally asked another co-worker. When he said where he lived, at the time I was living about two streets away, so I offered to take him instead!

We got to talking about life and interests that we shared, and when we arrived at his house, Carl asked me out on a date to a comedy show that he said he had great seats to the following week, and I said sure! (I found out later that he did not, in fact, have tickets to this show and was totally not expecting me to say yes to the date, so he had to scramble to buy last minute tickets to impress me, lol!)

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I’ve never belly laughed so hard in my life. Not even because of the comedy show, but because of our conversation and evening together. Our second date was at one of my favorite restaurants in Scottsdale, and he ordered 2/3’s of the whole menu. I remember thinking how sweet he wants to impress me! (Fast forward 6 years later and he still orders 2/3’s of the menu… lol! Our date nights always consist of going to local restaurants and talking about our meals, it’s honestly the best!)

Our relationship blossomed from there. We moved in together, adopted our first dog together which has now turned into adopted three dogs. They are our life! We bought our first home in Phoenix, AZ in 2018 and threw around the idea of our next purchase to be a great vacation.

Veronica's Proposal in Bangkok, Thailand

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How They Asked

Thailand was always on our list- we live for eating good food, and we wanted to experience the culture there so badly. So one night after work, we booked our trip.

Time flew by and before we knew it we were leaving for our three-week vacation through the cities of Thailand. After we landed, we were so tired yet so hungry from just having snacks and small meals from our 23 hour travel day, so we booked our “start the trip off with a bang” dinner at Vertigo at the Banyan Tree Resort in Bangkok, to celebrate our first night there.

Now, of course, I had a feeling a proposal was going to happen on the trip, who wouldn’t after 6 years of dating and a perfect vacation opportunity? But when we got to the resort, everything felt so normal that I told myself “there’s no way it’s happening here”.

For dinner, our reservations were on the roof terrace of the hotel, and on the way up we even bumped into a woman with a professional camera on accident. My mind jumped back and forth and I started freaking out, we got up top and there was whole photography set up on the lookout ledge where you could take photos! I looked around at all the other guests and thought again “Darn”. I didn’t know it was set up for just for us!

We enjoyed the view and then with courage decided to take a picture on the overlook ledge. It’s a glass floor and overlooks the whole city from the 63rd floor. We were laughing because we were both so nervous to stand on it! As we were taking a selfie, I could feel Carl’s arm around my shoulder trembling behind me, so I turned around- to my complete surprise, he got down on one knee and freaking asked me to marry him!!!!!

This. This moment was something I had wished for, for so long. I could hardly focus as my eyes filled with the happiest of tears. This man, this view, this RING?!?! It was so perfect. A million times over I said yes.

Turns out he had hired a secret photographer before our trip, and the woman who we bumped into WAS for us! She took a still by still video of the proposal and wonderful photos of this moment that I’ll never forget. I even love the pictures of me ugly crying…

I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening or start to our trip!

Special Thanks

Natasha Gillett
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring