Veronica and Bryan

Bryan and I had been training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon for weeks and we were both anxious for race day. He was adamant that he wanted to cross the finish line together (I pulled ahead on our first half together in Bethlehem and crossed just a few minuted before him), but I had no idea just how important it was that we crossed together. So, we ran together throughout the whole race, along with my friend Tori, who was great at making sure we stayed in pace with Bry the whole time. Bry made a point to go get special running shorts for race day – I had no idea why, seeing as how he has countless pairs of work-out shorts. He needed a pair with a special zipper so he could keep the ring safe during the run. He checked that pocket every few steps, just to make sure it was still there. We fist bumped at every mile marker, just as we did during our first half. As we started down the last hill on mile 12, I was ecstatic to see the finish line. All I could think about was the water, food and medal that were waiting for me just after the finish line (and getting to the closest porta pottie!)

Just before we crossed, Bry grabbed my hand, and we ran hand in hand through the finish line. As I lunged ahead to the much needed refreshments, he pulled me back to him and took my face in his hands. He told me that the amount of work he just put in to get through those 13 miles represents how hard he will work for us every day for the rest of our lives. I immediately burst into tears. This truly magical moment was temporarily interrupted by the race staffer who forced us to move past the finish line. My friend Tori, enraged, yelled “He is trying to propose and you are ruining it!” (Thanks Tori!) Apparently not a romantic, he said “well, congratulations, but you have to move along past the finish line.” We moved a little farther forward, me barely able to take those few steps. Bry again took my face is his hands and told me how much he loved me. He got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked me to marry him (at least I’m pretty sure he did, I couldn’t make much out from all my sobbing!).


We moved past the finishing area and were greeted with cheers and hugs by all of our good friends. Tori had set up brunch nearby and we continued the celebration over champagne, great food, and wonderful company. We couldn’t be happier.

I am so thankful that Bry enlisted the help of all the people I love to make this day truly the best day of my life. We are overcome with all the love and support, and are looking forward to celebrating together very soon!


The ring is a one of a kind design with a diamond of my grandmother’s and gold mined from Nevada, our home state.