Veronica and Brian

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disney World

How We Met

We met on a cold December night, on the patio of a local bar. The seat next to me was available, so as soon as he sat down we introduced ourselves. We talked all night, shared laughs, told stories, and he even taught me some sign language he knew. We had an immediate connection. At the table next to us, a guy looked over and said: “You two are great together!” I laughed and admitted we had only just met. Brian and I went on with our conversation. About an hour went by, and the same guy said: “Seriously, Y’all are perfect together.” I asked him how and he shot back with “How are y’all not?!” We laughed it off and didn’t allow it to make things awkward. Another hour passed and the guy said, “DUDE, just kiss her already!” So I turned and grabbed his face and kissed him, turned back and said “HAPPY?” We have been inseparable ever since. We quickly fell madly in love. He became my person and I became his. Love has no disability!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney World

how they asked

Since the very beginning, we have made traveling a big part of our relationship. We have laid on beaches in California, hiked in the mountains of Colorado, visited the panda sanctuary in China, sipped wine in Fredericksburg, drank Hand Grenade’s in New Orleans, had icy-snow fights in Chicago, and so on. For our three-year anniversary, we decided we wanted to just be kids and head over to Disney World since I had never been. I’m a huge Disney fan! Once we entered the Magic Kingdom, tears already began to flow, as I was so overwhelmed seeing the castle! We walked down Main Street and I admired everything Mickey surrounding me. We witnessed a short and sweet proposal, and I was so happy! It was my goal to witness a Disney proposal! I immediately wanted to take a photo in front of the castle, so we were finding the perfect spot. As soon as we leaned in to take a kissing photo, the day-time fireworks went off.

How cool! We took a few photos and right when we were about to move on, he asked if we could take one more in a different position. I thought nothing of it, since we often take many photos between him standing or kneeling, since I’m in a wheelchair. I turned toward him and he began kneeling down in front of me, with a ring box in his hand. IMMEDIATE TEARS. He then asked me to spend the rest of my life next to him as his wife. Of course I sad YES! I cried… and cried… and cried. People began to swarm us, but I was so in the moment, right there… on Main Street in Disney.. saying yes to my best friend, my fiance.

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