Veronica and Aran

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How We Met

I remember meeting him for the first time in highschool at 17 years old, all the way back in 2009. It was French class and there he was, this French looking guy. Not quite my type at first sight, but definitely cute. The sound of this might suggest that we are high school sweethearts, but we’re not. Our story begins with us starting off as good friends and funnily, it wouldn’t even be another four years before we would actually start dating. But I wouldn’t want us to get ahead of things, before telling you the actual story. So let’s hop into a time machine, to the year of 2009, the year of our awkaward sixteens and seventeens.

Although he was not even near to my type, his openness and sincereness sparkled something inside of me. But I was way too shy and way too afraid of rejection to follow up on my feelings. So I witnessed him falling in love with somebody else and it was okay. If there was anything I wished for him, it was for him to be the happiest as he could be.

After our exams in 2011 he graduated and I unfortunately had to re-do my final year. Afterwards, we kind of lost touch, because yea, that is how student life goes right? You meet new people. Go to new places. Discover new passions. Shortly we lost almost complete touch with each other, except for my birthdays, he would always call on my birthdays, making me feel special somehow.

And then suddenly, there was that winter of 2012….

We ran into each other and we started talking as if no time had gone by. We started hanging out again and I noticed that my feelings for him were still there. I was unsure how he felt about me, but I was too happy that we hung out again. The summer of 2013, four years after we first met, was were we would watch movies together and have dinner dates and when things had gotten official between us!

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how they asked

Everyone knows, that for me, Christmas is the most magical and wonderful time of the year. I fall in love with the snow, our families come together and the jingle bells have found their home inside of my heart. So without a doubt, I felt so sad that the one year I did not take charge to plan things out with my family, no one had decided to step up and make Christmas plans. Luckily, Aran proposed to arrange a date for us to make me feel better. At first I was quite hesitant, giving him all kinds of side eyes. I mean it’s Christmas. It’s such a big deal. Was he up for the responsibility? But then I decided to give him a chance, I mean he had three years of experience with me to look back on.

It was the 25th of December 2016 and we were standing before the international train and he told me to get in because he was taking me to the Christmas market in Antwerp!! We share this love for Christmas markets ever since I had been away to Prague for 6 months and he came to visit me the year before. So to be back at such a magical place was already the best gift that Christmas (little did I know).. It was exceptional… We strolled around the market, ate all kinds of delicacies, wanted to go ice skating next, but then he wanted to take a picture at a certain Christmas tree and I was not really having it. I finally scored us amazing seats and I just wanted to catch my breath first. But he kept on insisting and I was quite annoyed, but after all how could I resist the man who gave me the best first Christmas day?

So when we walked towards the tree I strikingly laid my eyes upon my best friend…I was so perplexed, how in the world did she get to Antwerp, at this Christmas market, at exactly the same tree, at the exact same time? It got crazier when I saw two of our other friends and I was just so confused. I asked what they were doing there with their cameras but they wouldn’t answer. My heart started racing, my palms sweating I looked over to Aran and he started talking. I couldn’t really make sense of what he was saying. I felt this huge ball of butterflies in my stomach and thought to myself ‘’Try to act normal, this is the moment you have been waiting for’’. Of course I couldn’t. I accidentally bumped into a lady and then bumped into a little girl because I could not stand still. He had to hold me first before he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.. My high school friend, my best friend, my love, and I are finally getting married on May 18th 2018!!