Veronica and Anthony

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How We Met

We met in college in 2007, first locking eyes at placement testing before the school year started. His big head was blocking my view of the projector as a teacher was speaking. We ended up working together two months later, and, by coincidence, managed to have the same group of college friends. We spent almost every day together between our countless volleyball games, flag football, movies in the dorm, dance battles and terrible cafeteria food. One day, in September 2007, Anthony started calling me, “my girl” and that’s how our relationship started!

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how they asked

Flash forward NINE YEARS! We moved from Reading, PA to Charlotte, NC. Anthony was going back and forth between the perfect ring to get me. After talking with his mom and mommom, his mommom said “give her mine!” So, Anthony’s mom brought the ring to Delaware while we vacationed there for Memorial Day. Anthony was waiting for the perfect moment. He hid the ring in a pair of shorts and brought them on every trip to the beach and every trip home to PA. One weekend, when we were home in PA for our best friend’s wedding, he decided, that was the weekend. I had wanted to go to my college campus (where we met) to see all the new renovations and new building they had done.

So, on our last day in town, on August 7th, 2016, we decided to stop by the campus. We parked the car and walked through campus talking about all of the memories we had when we first met. (Coincidentally, I was assigned to Veronica Hall freshman year and Anthony Hall sophomore year). As we walked through the quad and headed back to the car, Anthony asked me to take a scenic picture. I took the picture and when I turned around, he was fidgeting with a little green suede bag. I asked what he was doing and all frantic he asked me to turn around and take a second picture. I started to think that maybe this was it, he would propose, but that thought quickly faded after I convinced myself not to get my hopes up after waiting nine years. So, I took another picture and started to walk away. He yelled, “Where are you going!?” When I turned around, he was on one knee.

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I walked over to him and all jittery he said “this is where we met. So, it’s only fitting….Will you marry me!?” And he couldn’t get the ring on my hand fast enough and stood up and hugged me. I thought I was being punked. I mean, I’ve waited NINE YEARS for this moment! I even looked around for any inkling that this could be a prank. As we walked back to the car hand in hand in complete shock, I kept asking if the moment was real. When we got back to the car, he said “wait…so, you still haven’t said yes.” I said “yes, of course!

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I’ve waited nine years for this…do you think I’m going to say no!? I’m in serious shock right now. Of course it’s a yes!” I was so glad it was just the two of us to live in that moment.

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We will be married in Charlotte, NC alongside all of our friends and family during our favorite month, October, on Anthony’s parents anniversary date, the 7th, which I picked without knowing. We can’t wait!

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