Veronica and Alex

How We Met

What started off as a regular mundane Monday evening college class with the looming thought of endless papers and boring lectures instead turned into the beginning of our love story. Despite conflicting reports of who caught who’s attention first, one thing was clear; something special began on that Monday, August 19, 2013.

Her Version: I remember it like as if it was yesterday, class began at 6:00 PM and I got there at 6:05 (fashionably late, as always). I promptly took the closest seat that I could find, hoping not to draw too much attention. As I counted down the minutes for this class to end, I couldn’t help but notice a certain someone sitting across the classroom (even though I think he noticed me first). Finally, class was over and it was time for me to begin my one hour commute back home. As I was walking to my car, I realized that the same certain someone had been trailing me for most of the way. I didn’t pay much attention to it considering we just came from the same class. However, as I kept walking I decided to muster up the courage to initiate a conversation, or maybe I was just in a joking mood. I spontaneously turned around and asked (very sternly) “are you following me?!” His dumbfounded look was easily one of the most entertaining (and cutest) moments I’ve had in a long time. He nervously tried to convince me that he wasn’t a creeper and that we just parked in the same parking lot (of course I knew this already, but watching him all flustered was pretty adorable). We quickly began a conversation on how big of a jerk our professor was and how I wanted to try and switch out of our class. As we said goodbye I wished him good luck in class and as did he (since I wasn’t supposed to see him again, right?) When I got home that night I may or may not have told my sister that I met a cute guy in class, but that I probably wasn’t going to see him again because I was going to try and get into another class. As fate would have it, my class transfer was denied and two days later I was right back in the same classroom with that same certain someone.

Where to Propose in Race Street Pier, Philadelphia

Veronica and Alex's Engagement in Race Street Pier, Philadelphia

His Version: After about 10 minutes of hearing my professor drone on about the syllabus, the classroom door opened, and I caught a glance of a beautiful curly haired woman who quickly took a seat towards the back of the classroom. Throughout the rest of the class time I found myself occasionally stretching or pretending to check the clock just to steal a look at this girl. Finally, class ended, time to make a b-line to the garage jump in my car and bear the Palmetto expressway traffic. There she was again, this curvaceous, well dressed beauty and this time she was right in front of me. I figured out pretty quickly we were heading in the same direction when every turn she made I made, at times I even slowed down to avoid bumping into her and creating an awkward situation for me. As we approached our garage she did something that to this day I will never forget, and most likely the reason I am even writing this now, she turned around and she spoke to me! “Are you following me?” These 4 smiple words initiated a system overload in my brain, I could not form words fast enough. Instead I froze and stared at her with a face of what I could only imagine looked like a mix of confusion and sheer terror. At that moment my only thought was to plead my case and convince her that I was not following her and to please not mace me. Once I saw her beautiful smile and her playful demeanor I figured out she was just pulling my leg. I asked her for her name and we chatted for about 2 minutes we said goodbye and we both went on our way. I knew at that moment this was the beginning of something special.

Proposal Ideas Race Street Pier, Philadelphia

Veronica's Proposal in Race Street Pier, Philadelphia

how they asked

Fast forward 3 and a half years later, we are now both in the process of receiving our Masters in Occupational Therapy. We decided to plan a trip to Philadelphia for the Occupational Therapy’s Annual Conference. In between going to conference we set time aside to site see and explore the city. Alex had previously mentioned to me that he wanted to take me out to dinner that Saturday night; this wasn’t unusual for us since we love trying new restaurants on our free time. As I am getting ready, I leave the shower and I come to see that my room has dozens of rose petals and candles all around and three letters on the bed that read: 1- Open me now, 2- Open me in the car, 3- Open me when you arrive, all with specific instructions on how to find him.

By this time I knew exactly what was happening. After reading the first letter, I was filled with so much emotion that I froze and didn’t even know what to do. Once I came to my senses I realized the letter stated that I had to be ready on time! Sure enough, there was a limo waiting right outside my door at 6 o’clock sharp, just as the letter described. When I walked outside the driver greeted me, and opened my door, I was so nervous that I barely spoke a word.

At last, I arrived to my destination, Race St. Pier. The driver instructed me to walk to the end of the pier, and there I would find what I was looking for. As I made my way down to the end of the pier I could not contain my excitement and joy. The backdrop was perfect; the sun setting behind the buildings, a vibrant sky, and the Benjamin Franklin bridge overhead. I couldn’t believe that the moment I have been waiting so long for was actually about to happen. Finally, we were face-to-face, we hugged and kissed, and then he dropped to one knee and in his hand was the most beautiful ring that I’ve ever seen. He then said the four words that every girl dreams of hearing, “will you marry me?”

After things settled down, I was ecstatic to find out that my family was able to witness the entire proposal through Facetime, and that he was able to gather some of our friends to capture this very special moment on camera. The night was capped off perfectly with a special toast from our friends, followed by a romantic dinner for two at Butcher and Singer. On the night of April 1, 2017, we closed one chapter in our lives, and opened a new one.

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