Veronia and Mina

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How We Met

Mina and I met at a church festival on September 30th, 2017. Luckily, he is best friends with my best friend’s cousin so they came ahead to say hi and he introduced himself. The moment we shook hands, I knew he would be my One🥰. I quickly texted my best friend to ask her how old he was and she casually asked him without him noticing that it was coming from me.

Well, I guess the feelings were mutual because he asked his best friend (Ibrahim) to try to set up a date for all of us to go out as a casual outing and they wanted to go out the next day in October 1st. However, I could not make it that day.

The following week, my best friend (Meret) texts me to tell me she’s coming to pick me up because we are going out with Ibrahim, his GF at the time, now wife, and Mina. I felt awkward yet really excited. We went out to eat, we talked a little in our small group and then he added me on Fb and we started talking from there.

Mina’s sister went to the same school I was going to at the time. He used to talk to me all the time to ask about stuff for her and I also took advantage and was helpful as I possibly can be lol and that’s when we actually clicked and began to talk more and more from there.

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How They Asked

So Mina convinced me that we were going to one of his coworkers’ wedding. He made a “fake” wedding flyer and showed it to me. I really did not want to go, I thought it would be really awkward and my parents played the game well too and kept on telling that I don’t have to go if I didn’t want to.

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However, I felt like this is something really important to Mina and I decided to go even though I knew how awkward and uncomfortable it would be. On our way to “his friend’s wedding” I told him why don’t we stop by somewhere get some fresh air and then head there and he said that we were already running late but promised me that we would only stay for an hour or so then leave. Of course, I believed him because we never lie to each other.

Well, we got to the hotel, I was nervous because I literally don’t know anyone there but he was very relaxed and he even told me that he saw one of his coworkers going up the elevator 🙄 We go up to the roof and booooom, here is my family, his family, and our close friends. I have never been so terrified in my life before. I was really scared and shaking the whole entire time. I was really surprised because my family can NEVER hide anything from me. I mean when my friends used to throw me a “surprise” birthday party, my dad would tell me 😂 but this time I had no clue what was going on. And my friends played it super well too and always kept asking me when the hell is Mina going to propose 🙈 After he asked me the most important question in my life and I said Hell Yes!!! My mom made me change into this beautiful gown and we partied the night away from there 🎉🎉

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