Verdella and Jhaquise

Image 1 of Verdella and Jhaquise

How We Met

We both worked for Chick-fil-a! We were both trainers for the corporation. We met on the road at a grand opening of a new Chick-fil-A in Ohio.

How They Asked

We started our morning with a bubble bath and food. Then we watched movies and ate snacks in a fort he made. Afterward, we went to eat at an Italian restaurant that I have always wanted to try. We went to the movies (I know during COVID). Then, we went to pick out pottery that we still haven’t painted yet lol. These events were happening all through a scavenger hunt. The last thing on the scavenger hunt was a relaxing pedicure. I came home to a surprise party. We were surrounded by friends and family. He read me a song he wrote because he can’t sing. Afterward he proposed.😊