Vera and Mazzi

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How We Met

I was working as a cabin crew for an international airline. So once before my flight to Brisbane, I was talking to my friend and thinking about what to do and see when I am here. And she told me that a Tinder date is the best way to meet someone who can show around, like a “local guide” sort of. I have never used that app before so she just downloaded it to my phone and set up my profile for me. On my layover in Brisbane, I was still hesitant about the app but I did have a cheeky look through a few profiles and put a couple of likes. So when I was back at my home base it turned out that we matched and we started chatting straight away. Even though we had quite a big-time difference it didn’t stop us from having fun chats and led to setting up a date for my next layover in Brisbane. So that’s how our adventure began 4 years and 7 months ago.

How They Asked

A couple of months ago I received a call and was invited to participate in a promotional “engagement/wedding” photoshoot for Peak Lodge Maryvale. So my partner came with me as the place was quite far away from where we live and he kindly offered to drop me there. I was excited because I got my hair and make-up done and everything was going smoothly. So in the last 30 minutes of the photoshoot, I was told that a male model will join me, I still had no clue at all.

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So just before that, the event coordinator asked me if she could tie up my eyes because she wanted to make this beautiful video where I was supposed to be standing next to the pool and then open my eyes, turn around and give them an admiring look of the place, which I didn’t have to fake anyway because the place was just so beautiful.

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They put on “Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran (chosen by my partner) so I don’t feel awkward as they said. On their count, I untied my eyes and turned around giving them an admiring look, and then I looked down and saw him standing on his knee and with a ring. And I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

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So my partner was the male model who was supposed to join me and the engagement photoshoot was real and everyone knew it from the beginning except me. That was a big surprise for me which I will never forget.

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