Vera and Jorge

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How We Met

It was August 2010, the month that changed my life forever. I was in Buffalo, NY visiting family and I decided to join a website to meet some new friends. I ended up joining a website called MyYearbook (which no longer exists). I filled out all my info except put that I lived in NJ because I didn’t want to get stalked (thanks mom). I ended up not expecting to meet anyone who would change my life… but I did. I ended up getting Jorge as a match. We started messaging each other back and forth everyday. On my drive back home I texted him the whole time. Then from texting it went to video chatting. We were skyping on a daily basis for hours at a time. I didn’t plan to meet Jorge but I told him I had tickets to go to SixFlags on October 16th. Turns out he had tickets to go the SAME day. So we continued to get closer and decided we liked each other more then friends.

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We knew we didn’t live close to each other but decided we would start to date anyways. September 28th 2010 he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. We both didn’t know how this was going to work but we decided to try it anyways. Fast forward to October 16th the day I met Jorge face to face the first time. My parents came to SixFlags with me because they knew I was meeting Jorge and they wanted to make sure he was “normal”.

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I was on a ride with my friend and my parents called me on the phone saying they met Jorge while I was on the ride and he was indeed “normal”. So as I got off the ride he was there waiting for me. It was such an amazing feeling being able to see him for the first time and being able to hug him. We both ran up to each other and hugged each other and he gave me this stuffed dog he won earlier that day and he said to me “It reminded me of you because it has big blue eyes.” I still have that dog in my room. We ended up hanging out the whole day and having our first kiss. AND we ended up making it work because look at us now :)

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how they asked

It was March 18th 2017, a cold day with some flurries. I was at work and my parent’s were away in FL. That day Jorge said he was going to work then he would be at the house for the dogs. I wasn’t expecting anything that day, I had been super sick with the flu, and the day before my aunt had taken me out to get my nails done. Nothing out of the norm. So the day before work my bosses had told me to make sure I looked appropriate for work because corporate was coming in. Well the day of work comes and I still feel sick so I decided to just throw my glasses on, not do makeup and leave my hair natural. I ended up going to work and Jorge had texted me saying the garage door was broken and to come through the back door when I got home. I knew it hadn’t been working right so I didn’t think anything of it. I ended up leaving work and getting to my house and went to the back door. I noticed the curtains were closed and I was thinking “is he crazy touching them?! my mom is going to kill him!” Well I opened the door and there he was, standing all dressed nice with rose petals all along the floor, lit with candles.

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It looked beautiful. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. He had my kitchen table decorated with our photos throughout the years, he had a cake that said “Will you marry me?” he had a bottle of prosecco waiting for us to drink. He had a photographer there to capture the moment by video and photos. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal.

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It was so special and romantic and unique and that’s what made it so perfect. I am so blessed to have such an amazing man who went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect. And of course i said “Yes!!!”

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