Vera and Alex

How We Met: My friend invited me on her double date so I was the 5th wheel. I met Alex when he was with his girlfriend at the time. We became friends on Facebook that night and did not speak until 4 years later when I emailed him on Facebook asking him questions about Coachella. We ended up meeting up at the festival and it was a love connection for the books. It’s funny how they say ” you probably met your soulmate and you don’t even know it yet,” which was very true in our case.

Unfortunately, he was living in Los Angeles and I was living in New York. It was long distance for about a year and we quit our jobs and traveled for 9 months all of Asia- 15 countries and then we settled in Los Angeles. Our long distance turned out to be a great success. I am so happy we had the drone with us in Iceland to film our romantic and magical moment. Enjoy it!


how they asked: [Vera] I have always dreamed of traveling to Iceland and about one month ago, I decided that my boyfriend and I shouldn’t wait any longer- so I booked our trip to leave a week from purchasing the tickets. It was a very spontaneous decision and kind of  stupid since Iceland is so expensive and lacking in accommodation. We ended up camping the entire country, which was the most beautiful way to see it- we camped anywhere we wanted, as there are no rules against it.

We took one shower the entire time and wore all the clothes we brought with us because it was FREEZING and we were completely unprepared. I don’t even think we used one toilet facility on this trip, we were true cavemen in our raw forms- it was beautiful! Alex loves his toys, and brought his drone with us across the world so it could film all of our adventures on snowmobiles and hiking and driving over rivers- very cool, except it made us miss our flight to Iceland because they wanted us to unlock the drone and we lost the key- not fun.

So we lost a whole day in Iceland because of this drone that I cursed every single day. I would say ” you love this drone more than me”. It’s funny looking back on that now…On our last day in Iceland, we woke up on a beautiful cliff overlooking the ocean and iced cap mountains, completely secluded from the world. We decided we wanted a cool picture of us standing on the cliff with the drone on the ocean side, capturing us very close to the cliff edge.

Something you see in a magazine and wish you had a picture like that. He was preparing the drone for 2 hours and of course it was the ‘classic bitch moment’ before the proposal, I was yelling at him for making us late to our next destination and wasting time on this stupid toy that already took away from our trip. SO he decides to tie a shoelace on the drone remote so it could circle us with a 360 view- since that function currently does not exist.

So I am standing there, waiting on the edge of the cliff to take this damn photo and he taps me on my shoulder, gets down to one knee and tells me that he can’t and won’t live without me and that I make him a better man and if I would marry him. What a shock!!!!!!!! I mean, it’s been 3 1/2 years so I have been waiting, and waiting, and EXPECTING…no matter how much you expect, it’s still such a shock when it actually happens.

drone captures proposal

I blacked out in that moment and thank God I didn’t fall off that cliff. I am so thankful the drone was there to film this magical moment and now we can share it with our loved ones and always look back on this sacred moment. Moral story- I’m an idiot for bitching about the drone the whole time when its sole purpose for this trip was to record the most special moment in our lives. Hope you enjoyed my story!!