Venus-Maria and Michael

How We Met

I was living in downtown Orlando training with the ballet! We worked 6 full days a week, so I basically had no social life. It was Eat, Sleep, breathe Dance haha. Sundays were my relaxing day. So I took a walk to the Catholic church (which was just 3 blocks from my apt) to clear my head and begin my relaxing “day of rest” lol. When I got to the church street and was about to cross the road a voice from behind me yelled out “Wait! Can I park here”. I looked back slightly confused, smiled, Shrugged my shoulders and kept walking. He then got out of his car and proceeded to try and talk to me. I just remember thinking wow he’s so handsome and Crazy tall… then getting worried that he could definitely kiddnap me because I weighed like nothing back then and he was a giant haha but like… a very handsome giant. He asked for my number and being as paranoid as my momma raised me to be lmao I say “sorry I don’t really give out my number” so I gave him my instagram instead…so much safer… lol! We followed each other on social media for a weeks… just liking each others pictures but not really commenting no real Communication was happening… until one day I got a random message after posting a picture from nephews birthday party asking “Is that blonde kid your kid” hahahaha I’m from a huge family I’m the 5th of 8 children! (Super catholic family lol) My older siblings have a bunch of kids… I’ve been an aunt since I was 10! So no the kids all over my fb and instagram weren’t mine but I’ve gotten that question a lot! Long story short we got to know each other a bit… finally gave him my number we got to talk a bunch And then he finally convinced me to go out with him… our 1st Date was February 14th 2016. I was hesitant with it being Valentine’s Day but he said “it’s be a great story to tell our kids one day” and Just like that I was sold! Haha could it be… he was a hopeless romantic just like me… and he was so painful handsome…lol naturally it was an amazing day. Have you ever just met someone and you can talk for hours just learning about the person and never feeling bored… almost as the world went slightly around you. It was truly amazing and I’ve never felt anything like that with anyone… and it was only our 1st Date. I was truly obsessed and in awe the whole drive home… then I got a text saying “I’ve never felt like this before… you’re literally everything I’ve ever prayed for. I’m gonna marry you one day” ? and the rest is history… 4 months later he took me back to that exact spot. By the lake where we did nothing but talk for HOURS on our first date… this time he got down on one knee… and I couldn’t stop the tears ??

how they asked

It was 2 days before my Birthday and he told me we were going to go out for an early birthday dinner. Right around that time my sister called me to see what I was up too and I told her I was on my way to the mall just looking for a new dress for dinner tonight with Mike. With that very moment she began acting so strange… and I could hear my mom like giggle-laughing in the background. Now I had realize my family begin acting weird about a month and a half ago… my mom would literally just stare at me and smile… something was definitely up. lol anyways I got to the mall and my sisters and mom showed up. My mom kept trying to get us to go into expensive stores… but I was just kinda looking for a cute but simply dress… it was just for dinner I was confused about why she was acting like it was prom lol! I remember I went in the dressing room with the dresses I had picked out and then my mom and sister keep bring in these long elegant dresses!! They were beautiful but not really for a normal dinner… but I did end up falling inlove with this Vera Wang one My mom picked out and literally felt like a million bucks… so naturally I had to have it. And my sister said it’s my birthday I could be over dressed. Then we got to the check out and my mom was fighting me to pay for it… I was like wait why I can pay for it myself. With a mysterious smile she then said “no it’s for”… then she pauses for a second.. “you’re Birthday… you only turn 21 once”. Lol now I definitely knew something was going on…and to top it all off my sister was adamant about us getting our nails done. Now remember I was a ballerina… we never really did our nails. It makes partnering pretty dangerous when you have clause lol. But I was like okay sure… let’s do it I’ve never had fake nails and it was my birthday weekend.. so.okay let’s go! Then I went back home excited to wear my new dress and feeling super fancy with new nails lol! But then… it got even stranger. time to get dressed they all just hovered around me…. literally like it was prom my mom was constantly fighting back tears and my sisters just so giggly! Finally mike got there to pick me up. I finished getting dressed and we left. And my whole family walked us outside. Lol Kinda acting like it was the last time they were going to ever see me or something… like acting REAL Odd Lol. Anyways Mike and I got in the car and I began telling him how weird everyone was acting all day… and he just smiled and laughed but not saying a word and he kept checking this watch…! We finally got to Disney Springs and my first thought was “huh I haven’t been here since our 1st date” he just keep smiling but he started acting odd too now. so here I am talking a mile a minute and he’s like in a different world lol. Then he say he’ll be right back and just walks away. So I’m left siting there wondering why everyone’s acting crazy weird. He then comes back and looks frantic… so I ask everything okay? He just keeps smiling and then looks up at the sky and says… “No! Does that look like rain” honestly it kinda looked like it was getting ready to downpour…but um hello, welcome to Florida.haha But I love the rain so I didnt mind! Anyway we continued to walking but it seems like he was kinda buying time before we get to the restaurant so he says let’s go walk by the lake! My first thought in my head was “okay… but I’m kinda starving and these shoes killing me… and I think it’s gonna rain.” but I just smiled lol! We got to the exact spot we talked 4 Month earlier on our 1st date and then he stopped looked at me got down on one knee… and said “we’re not really here to eat… I’ve got to Ask you something.” Pulling our the ring… Anddddd I lost it! TEARS everywhere. Haha he poured his heart out!! It was adorable how cute he was… so nervous almost dropped the ring! Haha Literally everything I’ve ever imagined, my heart was exploding. So many people just watching and clapping!! Then the rain… what am amazing ending… Then my Good friend popped out of the brushes!!! Shes a professional photographer She videotaped and had her people taking pictures!! and That’s why he disappeared for a bit he was getting a mic under his suit. Haha And THATS WHY my family was acting so strange… Mike had asked my dad for my hand and my parents blessings 2 months before!! I guess he was right he REALLY did know he wanted to marry me from the 1st date…