Venus and Matthew

How We Met

It was love at first sight… for one of us! Matthew and I grew up together in the same church and he was smitten from the get-go. Early on, I made it pretty clear that I just wanted to be friends. Luckily for me, he is one persistent guy and he found his way out of the friend-zone. It wasn’t until the summer of 2014 when the sparks finally began to fly! Even though we knew would be going against the odds, we gave it a shot and came out stronger than ever!

How They Asked

Little did I know, Matthew had been planning this proposal for over 18 months. His plan was to wear 3 different shirts that had a special word on them and photograph them when we hung out with our friends and family. On our 5 year anniversary, he took me on a surprise scavenger hunt. We had lunch at the CN tower, got our favorite bubble tea and went back to his house so he could cook me dinner. I was under the impression that our day was over but he had one last surprise in store! When we arrived at this mystery location (I was blindfolded), he asked me to trust him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chinguacousy Park, Brampton ON

When I began to hear the music, the tears started streaming down my face. I removed my blindfold to find the most beautiful walkway that led me to an empty frame on an easel.

Proposal Ideas Chinguacousy Park, Brampton ON

In our 5 years of dating, Matthew was never the best with his words. In this special moment, he decided to get some help from his past self. I placed these photos onto the frame to reveal the secret message that he had been planning to ask…

I turned around to see the man of my dreams down on one knee asking me to marry him!!! (Spoiler: I said YES!!)

Just when I thought there were no more surprises, all of our closest friends and family came out and celebrated with us! This was beyond what I could have ever imagined and more! I am so incredibly lucky to be marrying my best friend!

Special Thanks

Alex Fown
 | Photographer
Terry Lee
 | Videographer
Justin Wong
 | Photographer