Velencia and Kyle

Image 1 of Velencia and Kyle

How We Met

Our whole story begins in 8th grade when my friend and I went to a haunted house event together and we were standing in line. I was already scared and on edge. While standing in line someone grabbed my arm to scare me. It was him. I didnt know him but my friend did. Well the moment he grabbed my arm I was so scared I peed my pants a little right in front of him. I was embarrassed. But the night went on and we went home. Like a week later we both started to comment on my friends post and she got mad and just told us to message each other. So we did. And ever since 8th grade we’ve been together. I still giggle thinking about the fact I peed in front of him.

How They Asked

This year we went on a vacation to Tennessee to visit family and celebrate our 5th anniversary together since we couldn’t do it in March due to covid. So we are actually closer to 6 years now. But it was an amazing trip and Christmas is my favorite holiday. He knows I love looking at lights and how happy it makes me. Our final night in Tennessee we were walking downtown looking at all the lights taking pictures and we saw a slay so I got right in it and he followed. He then asked me to marry him. I full on ugly cried. Sitting there in the slay as people around us watch me ugly cry and say yes. Definitely my fairy tale ending 💖 we told our family’s on Christmas morning.