Vegas Flash Mob Proposal


How We Met: It was the spring of 2011. As the snow melted and the flowers began to blossom, so did a new relationship. Hubert and Samantha met each other in an English class in college. One day they decided they would work on an assignment together over coffee, instead they spent the evening getting to know each other. Days later Hubert and Samantha started spending almost everyday together. Hubert took Samantha to her first Detroit Tigers game on June 10th, 2011. As the game ended and the Friday night fireworks started going off, Hubert gave Samantha a signed baseball. The baseball wasn’t signed by Justin Verlander or Miguel Cabrera but by Hubert himself. On the ball was a message “ Samantha will go out with me? – Hubert” And of course she said YES! The next day they created a travel bucket list and started knocking items off instantly. Several places they to traveled are Cancun, the Mayan Ruins in Chichen Itza , Disney World, Niagara Falls, and New Years Eve in NYC. On November 27,2012 Hubert and Samantha had their most joyous day of their relationship as they welcomed their son Micah to the world.

how they asked: Hubert wanted to propose to Samantha in a way she would never forget. After months of planning Hubert told Samantha he was taking her to Las Vegas for her 21st Birthday. As they landed in Sin City and settled down, Hubert told Samantha to get ready for a big birthday surprise. Later that evening they headed down to the Freemont Experience Center in Vegas. As Hubert and Samantha waited patiently for a band to start playing, all of a sudden a group of people started dancing to the tune of Bruno Mars “Marry You”. From a small group of dancers emerged a flash mob! Samantha asked Hubert if he planned this and he said, “No, must be a coincidence!” Samantha watched the flash mob and scanned the crowed trying to figure out whom the flash mob was for. Suddenly a Vegas showgirl pulled Hubert and Samantha, as the couple was surrounded by the flash mob Hubert got down on one knee and pointed up to the ceiling along with the flash mobbers. On the giant LCD ceiling at the Freemont Experience was a sign that said “Marry Me?” along with a picture of the couple. Hubert then took Samantha’s hand and asked her to marry him, and once again she said YES!




Produced by Flash Mob Las Vegas
Footage by Memory Lane Video of Las Vegas