Vannary and John

How We Met

John and I met freshman year of high school. We had multiple classes together and became great friends from the start. We even went to our senior homecoming together!

I guess we always knew how important we were to one another, but the timing was never in our favor. We always had the same love for music and that was one thing that brought us closer. We stopped talking for a while but still tried to remain in one another’s life.

(Roughly 9 years later) I was out with one of my girlfriends downtown and heard some amazing music playing. We walked in and I realized it was John. The sweet, kind and shy kid I knew in high school, became a Dj. Kind of fitting, I have to say. A few weeks later and we met up for lunch and the rest is history.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Monterey, California

how they asked

There was a group of us that traveled from Florida to California for one of our best friends wedding that weekend. We spent the whole week traveling to Sonoma, San Francisco, Burlingame and ended up in Monterey. The day of the proposal was just like any other day of the trip. My best friend Kristin insisted we go to Big Sur, but at that point we were so tired…as this was the leg end of the trip. So she decided we go to the Bixby Bridge. We took our group pictures and enjoyed the view. It was a little over crowded so we decided to find another area more secluded (I should’ve known then). We found a cute little area in Carmel that had the most amazing view. I thought my friends were taking pictures of us overlooking the water. I heard John say “Baby, you can turn around now” and that’s when I saw him down on his knee and asked “Will you continue to make me the happiest man in the world & be my wife”. At this point I couldn’t stop crying and uttered YES, while still crying. What a memorable day, I said yes to my best friend while surrounded by a few of our best friends.

Vannary and John's Engagement in Monterey, California

Special Thanks

Kristin Turner-Villanueva & David Villanueva
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