Vanidi and Renato

HImage 1 of Vanidi and Renatoow We Met: Four and a half years ago we worked at the same clothing store. Our co-workers were constantly telling me, “someone has a secret crush on you.” It wasn’t much of a secret considering, he’d always go out of his way to walk by and bring clothes into the fitting room I was attending, I was always catching him looking at me, and everyone was always telling me the sweet things he’d say about me. Two days before Valentine’s Day he picked me up at my house for our first date and came to my door holding a rose.

how they asked: We decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a little getaway to Reno. Shortly after midnight he wanted to go outside to take a picture. While a friend was taking a picture of us he got done on one knee after telling me how much he hopes 2015 will be a great year for us, and asked me to marry with him while holding up the most beautiful ring. Little did I know, a few days before leaving on our trip he had asked my whole family for their blessing.

On one of our first dates we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant where I opened a fortune cookie that said, “You will be lucky in love.” It was so true. Image 2 of Vanidi and Renato