Vanessa and Michael

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We planned a Europe trip before 2017 ends and we decided to go around May since the weather will be warmer. Prior to the trip he would say whos gonna take our photos when we get there. I showed him this photographer that we found on airbnb experience and he suggested to do it. I thought why we can take our pictures together? I had a hint at this point but wasnt 100% sure. When this trip happened and we got to the photoshoot we are both cranky tired and hungry plus jetlagged. It was at 7 am in the morning and we are arguing prior to this shoot. During the first few shots the photographer asked us to look at each other’s eye and his eye look different. After 15 mins to the shoot I thought okay maybe hes not proposing because we took a lot of pictures already. But then we stand in the middle of the square and he started saying that he went to my parents house prior to the trip and asked for my parent’s blessings. We are already emotional. Then he said that he wanted to take me to Paris because it was my dream to come here and proposing to me here would be special since I never experience a lot of things when I was younger such as attending prom or having a big birthday party. I was tearing up and next thing you know he proposed to me. I was so excited and happy that I said yea before he ask “will you marry me?”.

The rest of our 2 week trip vacation to europe was amazing! It felt like are back on the honeymoon stage again.

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