Vanessa Marie and Anthony

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How We Met

I met Anthony at a birthday party on a boat, cruising Darling Harbour. It was for a mutual friend of ours but we did not know of each other prior. There wasn’t a whole lot of time spent getting to know each other that night as it was a packed boat with a lot of friends, but there was an initial spark between us and we got to know each other very well online later on and realized we had a lot of common values and interests. Once we started seeing each other we fell in love more and more with each moment we spent together.

How They Asked

Anthony made a cunning idea of a decoy work event with a friend of ours and had the illusion we were getting a hotel room as part of this. We have a 14-month-old baby together and haven’t been able to have a complete night out just the two of us since he was born so we were both really excited that my parents could mind him overnight and we could go out together and have a great night in the city like we used to. We had dinner reservations for Sails restaurant in Lavender Bayat 8:30 pm, but the proposal was set for5pm. Anthony was concerned I’d go to the hotel dressed-down in order to relax and get fully ready for dinner later on. He came up with another decoy – post-event cocktails which required us to be at least dressed smart casual which would be ok for the proposal look. We ended up getting dressed up even nicer and lucky I did, I didn’t suspect a thing until we got into the room, I saw the photographer and assumed we walked into the wrong room! Until I saw Anthony’s smile behind me, that’s when I knew this was the moment I was waiting for such a long time. It was unexpected, planned perfectly, and an amazing evening.

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Special Thanks

Studio Barakat
 | Photographer
My Proposal Co.
 | Planning