Vanessa and Christopher

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How We Met

My name is Vanessa Fleury and I and 29 live in NJ and Chris Coote and he is 29 (also has an 8 year old son named Christian) and lives in NY. In March 2017 Chris and I swiped right on soul swipe. Our conversation was pretty cordial, actually too cordial lol. He was such a nice guy but I was actually very scared to date a guy with a kid. My biggest fear was being caught up in baby momma drama and i’m not for that lifestyle at all. We started being friends and pretty much had general conversation. Finally by the end of May 2016 he asked me out on our first “date” and we went to a rooftop restaurant in NJ and we talked for 3 hours until the restaurant almost closed down. He explained to me his situation and in the end I learned he was a single parent *whew* no drama there. After walking me to my car he asked “where do we stand” and we have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

We made it official on July 31st, 2016 and since then until now we have hiked, done a color run, archery, kayaking, obstacle courses and so much more! On Saturday February 18th we were originally supposed to go zip lining (where he originally planned to propose) but it was canceled due to high wind speeds. We went hiking instead and went out to eat and while pretending to get our picture take he got down on one knee at a restaurant and asked me to be his wife! After saying what the hell are you doing and omg over and over I said YES.

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To this day I’m still shocked and I can contest that true love can start anywhere. I have been and always will be an advocate for online dating. My friends are pretty awkward about it and actually very scared to meet someone offline but to be honest we have been going out to events, parties, gatherings and so on for years and guys look right past us. My best advice to any woman who is scared to meet someone online is;1)Make sure to do your research. If a person has 1 picture and two sentences on their page……keep it moving. 2) You’re allowed to be picky. If you’re not attracted to a persons appearance or what they have on their page, don’t feel guilty for blocking them. 3)When it’s finally time to meet in person make sure you have a ride or die friend who knows the who what where and when and report back to them to ensure you’re safe. 4)Most important of all, just HAVE FUN! Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up so easily, the world is way to big. He did exactly what I asked of him. Please don’t propose to me on a typical holiday, make it a random day!