Vanessa and Tory

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How We Met

We met in high school over 13 years ago. We’ve been best friends and lovers since the day we locked eyes!

how they asked

“I apologize! I’ve been so overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I completely failed to mention how the proposal came together. Ok! Once I had the ring in my possession, it was time to pick a date! The helicopter tour was on our bucket list so I already had that in mind. I came up with the idea to tell her that I sold a vehicle to a client who happened to be a Pilot and to show his appreciation, he offered to take us on a 30 minute helicopter tour around the city.

Now that was such bullshit but I’m in the Automotive Retail Business and often deal with high profile clients so I knew she would believe my story. I chose December 20th because that’s her Father’s Birthday and with him not being here with us, it holds sentimental value. Earlier that week, I did some research and met with a Pilot to rehearse the plan.

The night before I proposed, I couldn’t sleep at all. It was terrible. I dreamt that she turned me down and said she wasn’t ready. Can you imagine how I felt the next morning? I tried not to overdress. Terrified that she might ask why do I have a tuxedo on and completely blow my cover. We arrived to the private airstrip, boarded the helicopter and took off. While in flight, friends and family arrived right on cue. As we circled back, I received a text from the Pilot’s assistant on the ground letting me know that my guest were being escorted to the airstrip awaiting our return.

At that point, it hit me. Shit just got real! I’m really about to do this! I could literally feel the butterflies in my stomach. The Pilot entered the airstrip in dramatic fashion by swiftly turning the helicopter sideways so that her window faced the crowd of friends and family. At that point, she read the huge hand painted letters they were holding that read “WILL YOU MARRY US”. Hovering a few feet from the ground, she instantly burst into to tears.

The Pilot lands the helicopter right in front of our guest. As we exit the aircraft, we’re greeted with a sea of cheer and applause. With my eyes filled with tears, I pulled out the ring, spoke a few words from my heart, and dropped to one knee as I asked my Queen for her hand in marriage! Thank God she said yes! We went on to celebrate all day! Sharing stories about the engagement plans and all the undercover roles the family played.

I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible! First and foremost all glory to God for giving me the finances, the gift of love, and the courage to pull this off. My handsome boys Tylan & Aydon. You are my inspiration. Mama Toni, Papi Tapias, Isaac & Christian for your blessings! Mom & Kelvin for watching the kids the night before so that I could use the excuse that we needed to wrap Christmas gifts lol! And those awesome hand painted signs! That was genius! Pops for making the trip from Baton Rouge Louisiana. I love ya! My sisters Kisha & Jovi for keeping my sanity in check. Thanks for the champagne to! Joe, Albert & the entire National Helicopter Solutions staff for your awesome service! And all my friends and family who took time out of their busy schedules to be apart of our legacy… I LOVE YOU! Now let’s plan a wedding!” – Tory

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