Vanessa and Ryan

Image 1 of Vanessa and RyanHow We Met: Ryan transferred to Millersville University Fall 2009 and I started my freshmen year at Millersville University in 2009. Ryan and I shared mutual friends so we knew of each other but never really interacted other than selling books to one another.

On August 26, 2011 Ryan started his Senior year and I started my Junior year. I was waiting in the Galley waiting for my sorority sisters to arrive for lunch while waiting I ran into Bill and Cydni and decided to eat with them while I waited for my sisters. Ryan came to the Galley to eat lunch with Bill and Cydni so we all sat together. Later that evening I received a facebook message from Ryan asking to hangout sometime and I responded with no thank you. To keep this story short Ryan was very persistent so I told him on Wednesday that I was headed to the bar with my sisters to stop by.

When he arrived I had a beer waiting for him and we really hit it off that night. We had our first date at the Lancaster Brewing company and we officially became a couple September 20,2011.

how they asked: Starting in 2013 Ryan and I planned an annual ski trip with close friends Brian and Michelle. For 2014 our annual trip was scheduled for December 11-14 at Smugglers Notch in Vermont. On December 13th it was our second day at Smugglers Notch and we planned on skiing for the entire. So we got on the slopes around 9 am with Brian and Michelle and did some green trails on Morse Mountain to get warmed up. Then we skied over to Modonna Mountain to see if more blue trails were open than the day before. When we got to Modonna Mountain we saw that the lift that takes you to the very top of the mountain was open since it was not open the day before we figured we would try this one first. As we are going up the mountain we had a gorgeous view of all the snow covered trees as the chair lift went higher and higher it became colder and colder and the snow was blowing all around.

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Right when we were about to get off the ski lift Ryan said he wanted to get a photo with me once we got off the lift because we would be at the highest point of the mountain 3,640 feet. So we got off the lift and Brian and Michelle were waiting for us. ( Little did I know Michelle told everyone at the top of the mountain about was going to happen.)

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Ryan and I take are ski’s off and Ryan points to this hill and says climb up here so Brian and Michelle can take a picture. Climbing up this hill I fall, finally get to a good spot and smile for a photograph. Then Ryan asks to have another photo with our backs to the camera looking out on the view. Next thing I know Ryan an I are standing together posing for the photo and Ryan is telling him why he is in love with me and how I have changed his life and gives me a kiss. The next thing I know Ryan is in front of me on one knee holding a ring box he made out of a tree asking me to be his wife. I was so in shock I put my hands over my large smile and was silent in shock. Ryan said um Vanessa? I yelled yes and nodded my head !! Ryan took my glove off the wrong hand because he was so nervous and almost dropped my ring in the snow! I turned around to show my rind to Brian an Michelle. When I turned around there was a crowd of people clapping and cheering. Ryan and I walked down to get tackled in the snow by our friends.

We then went into the warming cabin to take in everything that just happened and warm up. In the warming cabin I was able to take a good look at the ring and to find that it was engraved I was crying. Who would of thought a simple day of skiing would turn into the most magical day off my life. Then Ryan reminds the next big step ahead skiing down the 3,640′ of blue square trail. I was so excited and yelling down the mountain I’m getting married that I skied right into a tree. No worry I was okay and I also learned that the date was 12-13-14 and that was not planned. We spent the rest of the day skiing then went back to our condo and shared the news with our families. That evening we went to a small bar for dinner and to celebrate our engagement with Brian and Michelle.

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