Vanessa and Ömer

Image 1 of Vanessa and Ömer

How We Met

I met Ömer through a friend back in high school in year 11 (2012). We connected online for a year and really bonded over our families histories. Ömer And I saw the similarities in our families and how we were raised as kids and we became best friends from that.

I started to see similar morals and goals as the months went on. One day Ömer asked to meet up a year since we first spoke. We met up at our local KFC for lunch and instantly connected in person just like how it was online.

Image 2 of Vanessa and Ömer

How They Asked

Omer And I have been dating for 3 years after being best friends for 5 years. I’ve hinted to Ömer for about 6 months prior to him asking me to marry him because I could honestly see a future with him. It was my birthday on the 25thof March and he suggested to go away somewhere quiet and really intimate as we don’t really get that much time away together.

Image 3 of Vanessa and Ömer

I thought it was a great idea so we booked the hunter valley destination. We arrived on Saturday 28.03.20 and that night Ömer asked me if I wanted to go for a walk the next day to take some nice photos for his new “DP” on Facebook, in the lookout places around hunter valley.

Image 4 of Vanessa and Ömer

The next day thankfully it was a beautiful day to go for a walk that he suggested so we dressed up and left the house around 11:30 am as we were going on our walk he pointed to the gazebo which was nicely decorated with flowers and cushions however I’m short-sighted and couldn’t exactly see what was going on until I got 4 meters into the walkway of the gazebo. I saw a huge sign that said: “Vanessa will you marry me?”

Image 5 of Vanessa and Ömer

And instantly started crying. I looked over to Ömer to see him down on one knee which then asked me to marry him. And of course I said YES!!

Image 6 of Vanessa and Ömer

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