Vanessa and Mitchell

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Aruba

How We Met

It was 2012, the Mayans predicted the world was going to end and Marvels Avengers was released as the highest grossing film in history. But also something else pivotal happened that year and this story begins with a woman named Teresa who saw something no one else did. Teresa is one of Vanessa’s closest friends, as well as Mitch’s sorority big sister. She knew from day one that they were the perfect match for each other and were meant to be.

In 2012, at a friends birthday party, Teresa knew it was her moment to make the initial introduction. From that moment on they both hit it off. They instantly dated, realizing how much they had in common and enjoyed each other’s company. They both ended up with close friends and have sorority little in common. However, after a short dating stint, they realized that they both had too much on their plate and needed to spend time apart enjoying college. Essentially, now wasn’t their time. For a while, they continued to be close friends but eventually drifted apart as they continued the college experience.

Fast forward to 2017. Both of them have since graduated from college and are both starting their professional careers. Coincidentally, both were also recently single. One evening in late July, Teresa was at a dinner with Mitch and decided to invite him that day to Vanessa’s 23 birthday party. He wasn’t able to make it that evening to the party due to other plans. However, this got him thinking and he thought it was time he reached out to her. Of course, throughout the years he lost her number. So he decided to send her a message on social media. During this time Vanessa didn’t have social media, so of course, Teresa intervened and forced Vanessa to download the app because “it was super important and not to ask questions”. Once Vanessa downloaded the app she saw his message and knew what Teresa was up to. Vanessa and Mitch instantly hit it off again. Mitch instantly wanted to see Vanessa, but it was her birthday week and she had plans with various friends throughout the week and as well as a vacation planned. Fate took the wheel again and her plans on the 27th fell through, so she and Mitch were able to meet after work at Morton’s. From that day on it was history. They knew they were each other’s person. It was always you.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Aruba

How They Asked

Vanessa and Mitch have a mutual love for the color pink and flamingos. One day looking through Pinterest she found that Aruba has a small private island in which flamingos roam freely on the beach. From that moment on Vanessa knew she needed to get onto that island. As time passed, she kept dreaming of visiting the flamingos and would continuously tell Mitch how beautiful it was and how she wanted to go one day.

One day in July 2018, Mitch went ahead and told Vanessa that they should go in March 2019. Immediately, Vanessa went into planning mode and booked the flights, hotels, and excursions. She continued her research and found that they had beautiful bungalows on the adult only Flamingo Beach. Which of course Mitch reserved for them to make the vacation special and relaxing. Mitch also went ahead and told Vanessa that on that Saturday he was reserving a photographer so that they can have beautiful photos on the island, and with the flamingos that they can put around the house. This trip was truly panning out to be the perfect romantic getaway for the two of them.

Vanessa and Mitchell's Engagement in Aruba

Fast forward to March 2019. They finally were on their long-awaited trip. Everything had gone to plan. They were staying at the beautiful Renaissance Aruba and the day before had gone snuba off the coast of Aruba. Mitch told Vanessa that the photographer would be on the island waiting for them at 7a sharp on Saturday. So, they both woke up early and got ready with their flamingo outfits. They arrived early on the island and had it to themselves. Immediately they started taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.

The photographer had mentioned how his journey and his families journey to the island happened. Mitch saw his opportunity dropped down on one knee and asked Vanessa if she would continue their journey of life and marry him. The moment was perfect Vanessa said yes and was excited to be his partner in their life journey. The rest of the day was storybook perfect. They had rented a private bungalow on Flamingo Island and spent the day relaxing in the sun.