Vanessa and Mike

How We Met: Mike and I met back in 2006 during our first year of college. Unlike many other couples, we didn’t look at each other and say “I am going to marry this person”. Instead, years of friendship went by, and it was not until six years after we met, a few visits to In-n-Out, and endless cheering at hockey games that we realized there was “something” more than just friendship there.

Very quickly, our “what’s up” texts turned into witty addicting conversations, and our beach walks turned into magical dates; and just like that, laughing, sharing, going through life, we fell in love, we became teammates, partners, and two inseparable souls.



how they asked: One of the things we love doing together is exploring new cities, cultures and countries. Last October, we planned a trip to Peru. I was born and raised there, so in my mind it was a fun opportunity to show him where I grew up and introduce him to my closest friends and some relatives he hadn’t met yet. Little did I know that he had a whole different plan for our trip.

After arriving and spending a few days in Lima, we took a plane to see Machu Picchu, after all it was a beautiful opportunity to see one of the Wonders of the World together.

For months, Mike had been telling me that he wanted to record a video in Machu Picchu for his business, he often does creative things to promote his company so I didn’t think his suggestion was unusual.

The morning of the proposal we woke super early to be among the first ones to climb up, he wanted the perfect background for his “business video” without too many tourists in the background. We found the spot, and the view was absolutely breathtaking. Right there, when he had all his cameras set up he handed me an iPad where he said was the demo and script of what he wanted for the video. My heart stopped the moment I realized the video was all about us, our story, our lives together, and him asking my mom for my hand in marriage. I couldn’t believe that a story that started 9 years ago had come down to that one moment, where on one knee he said “baby, would you do me the honor of loving me forever and always?”