Vanessa and Mike

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rainbow Mountain, Peru

How We Met

We met almost five years ago at the college we both went to, San Diego State University. It was actually at a house party and he came up to me and said that his friends were hanging out on the roof and invited me up! I agreed and went up there… and then quickly remembered that I am terrified of heights and it took him and three of his friends to get me down. Those friends are now his groomsmen and the girl who brought me to the party is my bridesmaid. Luckily dragging me off a roof didn’t scare him away and we’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

In between graduating nursing school and starting my first career job we decided to do a big backpacking trip across South America to celebrate. We planned to be gone for over a month through Peru, Argentina, and Chile and started with a 5 day hiking trek on the Salkantay Trail in Peru ending at Machu Picchu. Right afterwards we hiked to the famous Rainbow Mountains at over 17,000 feet of elevation. I was struggling the whole time with altitude sickness but Mike kept saying I had to make it to the top! I was about to give up right before making it all the way up the second mountain and Mike said lets have someone take our picture. While I was catching my breath he told a stranger he was going to propose and to record it. We took one pretend picture before he dropped on one knee and asked “Do you want to start a new adventure with me?” We have a beautiful video of the proposal and this photo is us immediately afterwards. He proposed with a “placebo” ring that had the geographic coordinates of the mountain etched on it and we picked out my engagement ring together when we were back in the US. We celebrated by going to an amazing eco resort in the Amazon Rainforest for a couple of days afterwards, and the rest of the trip was like a honeymoon!

Vanessa's Proposal in Rainbow Mountain, Peru

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