Vanessa and Mike

Image 1 of Vanessa and MikeOn what I thought was a trip planned last minute (the morning that we left actually!), We went to Asheville, North Carolina as we had always wanted to go to the Biltmore since moving to North Carolina. Mike said he got the hotel with my travelocity voucher, and I still had no clue as we pulled up to the stunning Biltmore Inn. I thought it was extra sweet for such a last minute trip, but Mike had planned a gorgeous, romantic trip to Charleston previously and no engagement happened : (

We went to do our scheduled tour of the Biltmore and Mike began to rush me through it. I thought he was just bored and said (yelled) “we paid a lot of money for this, so stop rushing me!” When we finally finished, I had to have a milkshake because my friend said I couldn’t leave without trying one. Mike said later that the 10 minutes that I was drinking the milkshake were some of the most excruciating moments of his life. He said “I’m about to ask you to marry me and you were just taking your time drinking a milkshake!”

Afterwards he asked a photographer to take a picture of us in front of the house. We took a few pictures, and Mike told me to look at the picture and see if she liked it. I did think this was weird, because he never cared about pictures. Finally Mike said let’s take one more, and after a little stumbling in his coat pocket, he got down on a knee. I cried, hyperventilated, shook my hands and screamed. Mike says I looked like she saw a ghost!

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Image 4 of Vanessa and Mike

Luckily, Mike had actually hired the photographer that he pretended to ask for a picture, so we have some great pictures of the whole thing. It was the happiest day of my life and afterwards we spent an hour calling family and friends and eating strawberries and drinking champagne that Mike had waiting for us at the hotel room.

Photos by The Biltmore