Vanessa and Michael


How We Met

I first met my fiance in the 6th grade. We never talked or hung out in the same crowd. Fast forward 20 years later and the on-line power of love brought us together again.

how they asked

A year and a half later it was the day before our California vacation and I decided to get my nails done in hopes a special question would be asked that week. I wasn’t getting my hopes too high, but one of my favorite mottos is always be prepared. The day we left for our trip it was a very early morning flight so when the security check gave wide eyes and a smile to Mike I was on the other side waiting, half asleep to notice what was going on. When we arrive in San Francisco Mike had taken the ring out of his bag and put it in his jacket pocket. I had bumped into him a few times and smiled but I never felt the ring box, that’s just something I do, look at him and smile because I’m a weirdo in love. After we checked into our hotel we were set on getting to the Golden Gate Bridge because hello we were in San Francisco and wanted it to be the first thing we checked out. We stopped for a bit to eat because this girl gets hangry. Mike never seemed nervous or acted weirder than usual, I thought if he were to pop the question he would do it mid week maybe when we were making our way to Napa Valley. Well, as we got closer to the bridge my phone got closer to no battery life. He had told me a few times to save it for when we were actually on the bridge but I thought nothing of it and kept snapping away. Once we got to the bridge we made our way to the first tower, right before we reached it we stopped at one of the look out spots out of the way of pedestrian traffic. I walked right up to the side and was taking in the view when I felt a tap. I turned around to Mike his knee asking if I would marry him. I was completely surprised and kept asking him if he was serious. He kept replying, “Yes, dead serious.” I finally replied “Yes, of course I will!” and he asked for my finger since I was awkwardly holding my hands to my chest. We hugged and kissed as the people around us clapped and cheered. I have never been more surprised in my life. I thought I would have had some inclination that his proposal was coming, instead he caught me off guard first. There was no better way we could have started that vacation. I will always remember his proposal and our “engagement moon” and am so excited to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing man!