Vanessa and Michael

How We Met

It was the first week of college. I was in love with someone else. He shook my hand.
I thought that I would never be in love again after the guy I went to prom with decided a long distance relationship wasn’t worth trying. My heart was broken. Something inside me truly believed that he was the one I would spend the rest of my life with. Everything just seemed so perfect. It seemed that he was everything I had been looking for in a guy. He was tall, handsome, caring,, something that was very important to my family. But the timing wasn’t right, and I went to college thinking that someday things would work out with him, and I should just wait until then.But then, the first week at college, I went to an event. I was desperately trying to fit in, trying to find my new best friends, the people I would spend the next four years with. I made my way upstairs where most of the music majors were hanging out, where it was slightly quieter and less crowded.I was standing by myself when I guy walked up to me. He shook my hand and said,“Hi! I’m Jason, what’s your name?”“Fran”“Nice to meet you!”I watched as he walked away. He was a professional bartender, with brown hair and great muscles.But he had walked away after simply introducing himself. I desperately wanted to talk to him more, but he had walked away, probably taking all our chances of being a couple with him. He clearly wasn’t interested in me. I spent the rest of the night with other people, making new friends and having a good time. After orchestra rehearsal one day, Jason and I went to a small food truck festival together. What was supposed to just be grabbing some food for dinner turned into 2 hours of talking. I found out a lot about him and by the end of the day, I knew we had a special connection.One thing led to another. I hung out with him a couple times at his place and at mine, and then we went on our first date. It was pretty casual, but it was not awkward. We spent the car ride jamming to our favorite music and talked all night. We made out for the first time after he invited me over to his place to watch a movie. I took a little time to think things over and decide if I really wanted to commit to a relationship, but I quickly decided that he was exactly what I wanted. Everything felt so right, so natural, and so perfect.After few weeks, we started a relationship.We travel to Amalfi coast for a beautiful holiday before the unfortunate event of COVID 19 started. We love hiking and decided to go on Path of the God. The view from there is incredible! After a long walk, he found a nice grotto overlooking Positano and Li Galli Island. He went down on his knee and asks “Will you marry me?!” I was literally speechless. I said Yes and I can’t wait to plan our wedding after the storm of the pandemic will pass!

How They Asked

It happens on the Path of the God, on the mountain on the top of Positano. It was a surprise and Jason was in touch with this proposal planner “Positano Proposal” and 2 professional photographer and videographer from the Amalfi Coast. Giovanni & Andrea, highly recommended for their way of working.


Special Thanks

Taya Gioielli
 | Ring
Positano Proposal
 | Planning
Giovanni De Rosa
 | Videography