Vanessa and Luke

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how they asked

When we arrived in Paris we were both overjoyed to be in such a beautiful city together. But things did not go as planned our first day in Paris. Luke’s luggage got lost and he had to buy an entirely new wardrobe, we attempted to go for a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower but spent an hour looking for a picnic blanket and another hour looking for the bus station until we eventually took an Uber. The next day Luke was determined to make the night perfect. He booked us a dinner boat cruise down the river through Paris. However, his bad luck continued. When we arrived the boat company couldn’t find our reservation but luckily they were able to accommodate us.

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The night then became the best night of my life. The waiter sprinkled rose peddles on our table and handed me a rose followed by a bottle of champagne and an array of appetizers. While we were eating our appetizers Luke kept smiling at me randomly and touching his pocket. When a photographer came over to our table I knew something was up and that’s when Luke popped the question. After Luke proposed an elderly couple came up to our table and told us tonight is their wedding anniversary celebrating 41 years. It felt like luck to have them sitting next to us when Luke proposed.

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