Vanessa and Kris

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How We Met

Kris came across my instagram page last year and added me. After going back and forth liking each others pictures, he then sent me a private message with a picture asking “Will you marry me?” I thought it was cute and funny. We exchanged numbers right after and started talking. I then realized he lived in California so I was super bummed. Ten days after talking, Kris flew out to Las Vegas to come see me. After that, we were inseparable. I went to California the next week and so on. We knew it would be very hard dating long distance, but we made it work. Kris and I never went more than twelve days without seeing each other. He always made me feel like his number one priority and always made time for me. We knew we would get married after just a few months of dating. Kris then made me a promise that he would sell his business in California and move out to Las Vegas. Ten months later, he did just that. Were now both living in Las Vegas and I couldn’t be happier.

how they asked

It was the day before Easter. We were rushing out the door to go to my sisters house to have dinner with my whole family. As we were driving, Kris told me he needed to drop off a contract at a golf course for an event he was doing in a few weeks for his job. I sat in the car while he ran in. He called me a few minutes later telling me it was going to be a couple minutes and asking if I wanted to come and look around with him. Mind you that the place we were at was one of my favorite golf course venues in Las Vegas. I get out and he comes to meet me. We were walking along, holding hands, and enjoying the beautiful day and view of the lake.

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Kris then started kissing me and holding me, telling how much he loved me. I just thought he was being super cute. He then got down on one knee asking for my hand in marriage. My heart was so full and happy. I of course said yes! Then a lady working at the venue came out and brought us two glasses of champagne to celebrate. I couldn’t believe how he did that, I had no clue! We went to my sisters house right after and got to celebrate with my whole family. It was such a perfect day.

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